A Central American Country

Facts About Guatemala

Guatemala is a country in Central America. The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. Guatemala shares a boarder to the northwest with Mexico. Daytime temperatures range between 77 and 86 degrees.

Guatemalan Goverment

Guatemalan Constitution

The government constitution began in 1997. Guatemala is defined constitutionally as a democratic republic, with power being divided among the legislative, executive, and judicary branches.

Guatemalan Holidays and Fiestas

Some of the holidays in Guatemala are Christmas, All saints day and all souls day. The Guatemalan fiestas are Chichicastenango's Fiesta, Semana Santa, Antiguds Alfombras Esquipulas Pilgramage, they have Corn Festivals and the Ceremony of the 8 monkeys.

Guatemalan Food

Enchilada Mexicana served with either red or green sauce.

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