Access Consciousness


Sunday June 30, 12-4pm

A dynamic energetic process that begins to reverse the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body! It has also been called a "body lift" and a "life lift" from folks who have already taken this class!
What else is possible?

This process activates 26 different energies to facilitate wonderful changes that can smooth, tighten and rejuvenate your face and body! Would you like to reduce the stress that has now shown up on your face? Have more joy and ease in your body? Ask your body if it would like to receive these energies? Does it feel light or heavy?
This class is for men as well as women :)

The Energetic Facelift process has been provided professionally in spas, massage practices, wellness and anti-aging centers as well as plastic surgeon offices world wide!

You will learn to give a complete facelift as well as receive a full facelift during the class! After learning this process, if you like, you can offer to others and charge for your service!
How does it get any better?

During this class if you haven't taken a Bars class yet you will also learn some of the Access Bars points! All participants will receive a Certificate of Class Completion!
4 CEU's are available to body workers!

Class cost including materials $125.
Class location:
Elysium Medical Center
9144 Burnett Rd.
Suite B-4
Yelm, Wa. 98597

For further information contact
Valentinah at 360-894-5584(H) 360-481-8698(C)