Canada And America 2015 vs. 2065

Comparison On Population

Immigration In Canada

Immigration In Canada 2015: Every year Canada Brings 250.000 new immigrants each year since 1990 which is way too much Canada is the highest capita in the world.

Most of the people find themselves admitted to the Ontario province (42.1%). Québec (19.2%), British Columbia (15.7%), Alberta (11.6%) and Manitoba (5.6%) take most of the remaining immigrants.

Immigration In Canada 2065: In the year 2065 the population would be 47.9 million which would than mean that the immigration rate of Canada may drop or rise due o the more population in the world or that Canada doesn't wanna bring more people to Canada.

Demographics In Canada

Demographics In Canada 2015 vs 2065: The population of Canada In 2015 as of now is 35.8 million. In the year of 2065 the population of Canada would be 47.9 million weather the birth rate is high or low or the death rate weather its high or low.