Short Stories

Nya Harriston

Piece of String & The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses

I am going to be comparing and contrasting Hauchecorne & Brille from each of these short stories.


The Piece Of String - Manlandain

The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses - Warder Hennetjie

Comparing The Ways Author Develops These Characters.

In the Piece of String Hauchecorne is the saving kind of person and he sees a piece of string lying on the ground and picks the string up and sticks it in his pocket. His enemy sees him picking up a string and blames him for stealing a pocketbook that belonged to someone else. No one wouldn't believe him because it was a piece of string and who would believe someone was actually picking up a piece of string so then they went on to keep believing he had stollen the pocketbook. In the Prisoner Who Wore Glasses there is a new guard at the South African work camp and he i blackmailed by other prisoners to get special privileges for all of the prisoners. The guard is Hannetjie and he is caught stealing fertilizer by Brille and he tells him that he wants better treatment for himself and all of his fellow prisoners. In both of the short stories the men are the lowest of the people and everything they say it doesn't matter because no one believes them.

Comparing the Characters Themselves ! .

1. They are poor.

2. Nobody believes what they say because of the state of wealth they are.

3. They have people that are over them in ownership.

Contrasting the Characters Themselves !.

1. Hauchecorne is the type person that like to save little things.

2. Brille is the type of person someone stands up for.

3. Hauchecorne had a former enemy that didn't like him.

4. Brille had the people that was on his side no matter what.

5. Hauchecorne no one ever believes him even after he passes away.

6. Brille had everyone believing him because he was gaining respect and rights for the Americans.