Literary Circles of 2013

The True Confession of Charlotte Doyle

By. Jahnavi, Shaira, Suzuka, Rayyan, Paul

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Thirteen year old Charlotte Doyle aboards a ship that takes her from Liverpool, England to her home in America. Charlotte is a proper young lady, bred to be dainty and prim. She is therefore horrified to find that the family who are supposed to serve as her companions on her voyage will not be accompanying her and she will instead be left alone on a ship full of mutinous sailors. However, Charlotte goes beyond her wildest dreams as she finds herself caught up in mutiny, murder, and mayhem. A kindly stowaway and a truly depraved captain added depth to this journey.


1. I think a murder will occur on the ship and Charlotte will be accused, since she is the only one in the crew that has a dirk.

2. I think a rebellion is going to occur because Charlotte came across a pistol and a round robin concealed in Mr. Ewing's closet.

3. I think that the captain is not reliable because Zachariah and Barlow had warned Charlotte about how he abuses the crew.

Charlotte Doyle Predictions W/bloopers!


External Conflict

Captain Jaggery whipped Zachariah nearly to death."... and began beating Zachariah with such a fury i never had seen (Avi 94)."

Mr. Hollybrass is murdered by Captain Jaggery. "You killed Hollybrass, didn't you? I now demanded. 'I did'.....(Avi 188)."

Internal Conflict

Charlotte wasn't sure about climbing the royal yard."..let her climb to the royal yard. If she does it and comes down and be bloody.. like the rest of us..... I swallowed hard, but all the same I game yet another 'Yes' (Avi 111)."

Plot Development

The Introduction (Exposition) :

It starts with a girl named Charlotte Doyle who has to go to America and travels on the Seahawk, which she doesn't like very much. Captain Jaggery is introduced as a good guy.

Rising Action:

Captain Jaggery is nasty tyrant, so the crew stages a mutiny against him. Charlotte Doyle stands up and joins the crew and begins dressing like a sailor instead of a typical girl.


The hurricane strikes and Mr. Hollybrass is murdered. Charlotte is accused for Hollybrass' death, found guilty, and sentenced to hang.

Falling Action:

The captain was hurled off the ship, and Charlotte was announced captain because she was able to make it so Captain Jaggery could not "bother" them.

Denouement (Resolution) :

Charlotte returns to her family, but in the end, she decides to return "home", the Seahawk.


Charlotte- At first, she was an elegant girl but, later on, she becomes feirce by joining the mutinous crew."I...I have joined the crew (Avi 120)."

Zachariah- Throughout the novel he hated Captain Jaggery but, in the beginning he did not take any actions. But in the end he was an ally to Charlotte to be rid of the captain."You've been in his quarters, haven't you? You must have seen that iron safe of his that's full of muskets. You're not likely to get into that....... I know where he keeps it (Avi 178)."

Captain Jaggery- To Charlotte Doyle he appears to be a gentleman and good mannerly, but later in the story, he is revealed as an evil leader and keeps it so everyone could not rebel by using Charlotte."....he drove them, and me in particular,harder than before....(Avi 123)."


The theme of this book is that you should be brave.You should not be afraid to do the right things. The reason for that is because there are many people who are brave and do great actions that contributes to our world. Always choose to do what you desire and not let anybody hold you back.

Figurative Language


"The moment I touch a rope with the knife's edge, strands flew apart as if it exploding (Avi 135)."

"To make matters worse my wet and heavy hair like a horse's tail, kept whipping across my face (Avi 133)."


"Indeed, in the end i dropped out on my own two India- rubber legs- and tumbled to the deck (Avi 119)."

"There was this about the dark: It freed me from time and space (Avi 180)."


"A heavy rain, flung wildly by wind that screamed and moaned like an army in mortal agony, beat upon the deck in rhythms only a mad drummer could concoct (Avi 131)."

Wind shrieked and howled; more than once water poured over us from above or the ship heeled to the gunwales, bringing hearts to mouths (Avi 140)."


"I was still basking in these dreams when I heard the sound of someone approaching (Avi 181)."

"Everywhere I looked great canvas sails of gray, from mainsail to main royal, from flying jib to trysail, were bellied out (Avi 25)."


"I saw... I saw a pistol (Avi 85)."

"No,no! Miss Doyle." (Avi 23)