Jewett Jargon Nov/Dec 2020

Jaguars Innovate, Create and Learn

Message from Ms. Staley

We are entering month 7 of distance learning. It seems like an eternity, but it is important to persevere, stay positive and do our best together as parents and teachers. I've linked an article below that is a quick read and is title, "Teacher to Teacher...What Distance Learning Taught Me About Productive Struggle." I encourage you to take a look at the article and consider some of the findings in relation to your experience growing up and your experience with your children in the current school environment. We can't change our current situation, but we can learn from it and move forward doing better in education. I am so thankful for all of your efforts and support. We continue to receive positive feedback regularly. Let's continue our strong partnership and stay committed to the future of our school and education for our children.

Click Here for the Article


We are excited to announce that the Governor has recently made changes affecting our ability to offer limited in-person instruction (LIPI) to students. Restrictions on building limits and cohort size have been adjusted to allow for increased capacity. We are still limited to 2 hours maximum session length. Under the new regulations, we are planning to maximize opportunities for student to receive in person instruction from their teachers. This month classes will keep the same schedule, but they will have the option to increase the number of students that are able to attend to 20. Starting November 30th, we will invite students every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to attend LIPI, if their class numbers will permit. We do have a few classes that have too many students and those teachers will communicate the schedule. We have attached a survey link below as well as through Parent Square for you to complete. We need to know if you are interested in participated in LIPI with the increased cohort size.

Drop Off/Pick Up Reminders

  • Please do not drop your student off until 7:45 am. We do not have supervision prior to that and it's important that we keep students safe.
  • Parents are not allowed on campus this year; please drop students off at the edge of campus. We have a lot of adults out supervising at this time.
  • When picking up please remain in your car unless your child needs help getting into the vehicle. It will help our drive line move quickly.
  • With the increase in numbers on campus, the pick up may move slower. Please be patient with the process.

Bond Update

We broke ground on our new building last month! We can't wait for it to be completed and have all our students back on campus learning and innovating in our new space. We will keep you posted with updates as we progress. Below are a few of the architectural renditions.

Masks/Face Coverings

There have been changes to face covering requirements. While students are on campus, they should be wearing a face covering (mask) or a full face shield that extends from the forehead to the chin. Previous guidance allowed for children to wear a chin face shield. However, the new rules require the full face shield or mask. If students arrive without an appropriate mask/shield, we will gladly issue them a child sized mask.

School Pictures

We have school pictures scheduled for next week during LIPI, as well as times that you can sign up for. If your student is going to be at school for LIPI next week, they will get their picture taken. You don't need to purchase pictures to have their picture taken. Getting a photo will ensure that your student is in our yearbook. Some of you may have signed up for a slot, but with the new changes to LIPI you may not need to attend the scheduled time. If your child's schedule changes next week allowing them to attend LIPI and you did make an appointment, you can go ahead and cancel that appointment in Parent Square or you can let the office know and we will cancel it for you.


Our Move-a-Thon is complete and even though we have had more success in the past we are very excited to have raised the money we did during such difficult times. We raised $12,745! Thank you so much to all the families that participated. The money will go directly to teachers and our unique learning spaces! We will announce the top 30 individual winners Friday, November 5th.

Report Cards

The end of the trimester is approaching and with that will come report cards. We will be sending report cards home with students during their assigned LIPI time the week of December 7th. If your student does not attend LIPI, we will mail home report cards on December 14th.