Yes, you and your class can blog!

Why Should Students Blog?

  1. They have an actual audience to write for.
  2. You can track their writing progress.
  3. It opens a dialogue.
  4. It establishes their internet identity in safe manner.
  5. They teach each other.
  6. They are global citizens and global collaborators.
  7. Transparency - blogging opens the door and shows the world what is happening in your classroom
  8. They become aware of themselves as writers.
  9. The teacher can easily check in on their learning.
  10. Blogging gives them a voice.

From: Why students should blog - my top ten

Why Blogger? Where do I start?

There are many excellent Blogs to use with students: KidBlog and EduBlog just to name two that are used throughout our district. Blogger is Google's blogging platform. The benefit of using Blogger is that you can attach your Blogger account to your Google account for a one login experience. Blogger is very easy to use. Watch the video below to learn how to set-up a blog with Blogger.

Other resources to help you get started::

(Educational Technology and Mobile Learning)


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