The Program

Destiny Brown 3b

Salone goes through a lot of heart breaking things but cant show her emotions because of the fear of the program, and after losing people the closest to her its been harder to not show any emotions around anyone. Can Salone make it without showing her emotions or is the program going to take her?..... To find out more read The Program

''Kiss, death love, loss...the words are crashing into each other, and my tears soak the page. Then I give into the urge to cross off the words, pressing harder with each pass, making large circles. Soon I've gone through all the pages and I'm digging into the cardboard cover. I press so hard it's going through to my lap ,scraping against my jeans. My skin. I press as hard as I can, and I whimper because it hurts. But I don't care. I cant anymore.

I wish I were dead...."