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Staging your home for sale

Considering how sluggish the real estate market is at present, simply putting your home up for sale may not really work for you. That is where home staging comes in – it is nothing fancy, but simply the rearranging of things around your home to highlight certain aspects and make it more presentable for sale. It improves the chances of a good sale and brings down the time you take to make that sale.

Home staging can simply mean cleaning up your home and making it more presentable. However there are several professionals who have done this long enough to know how to take it to the next level. They have a proven track record on enabling sales and you just need to understand the kind of difference professionals of home Los Angeles based can do.

You know you need a professional stager when your home has been on the market for around three weeks and you still haven’t had an enquiry that moves on to the next stage. Home staging works on the interiors and the exteriors making an impression even as the prospective buyer walks in. When done the right way, staging doesn’t become an expense, rather its cost is built into the sale transaction.

When you have a large home and a huge floor plan, you will need to highlight its aspects to the prospective buyer. It is possible that you may not have utilized the space, but a professional stager will be able to see new things in each space and be able to present this better. This does not overwhelm the prospective buyer, but rather gives them a clearer understanding of the space they are getting and what it can be used for.

When you are looking for a professional stager, it is important that you check out their credentials. Find out what other real estate agents have to say about them and their skills. There is no certification or qualification as such that you can look into, but anyone who has a few certificate courses in design and set up would be of an advantage.

Staging need not be of your entire home – there are times only a part of it may need attention. This is something you specify in the beginning. You may also have a specific budget within which you want to work. That should be determined as well. If you are looking for a professional stager, your real estate agent will be able to help you with recommendations.

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Working with interior designers

Hiring an interior designer to do up your home is a good idea considering you will get a professional touch to your home. There are several professional that practice interior design orange county-based and once you have chosen someone who are comfortable with, you can get the process going. The thing about working with an interior designer is that the relationship is an intimate one and you need to know how to work together in the best possible way. Here are a few things that will help.

How much do you want to be involved in the process is something you need to think about – the creative process is a huge one and you need to decide whether you want to be consulted on every little factor or you are comfortable looking at the larger scheme of things. Understand how much of the process you want to hand over to the interior designer – if you are only looking for minimal inputs, then this stand has to be made clear in the beginning. How many options do you want to look at, how good are you at decision-making and what expectations do you have with your design.

You will also need to determine the scope of your project and this will involve knowing the qualifications and experience that you interior designer has. If you are in the construction phase, or are looking to make some additions to your home, then an architect is a better bet. Architects and interior designers work well together and often in pairs. So you may want to consider hiring such services.

Establish your parameters and work within it. You may want the entire deal to be wrapped up in a pre-determined budget. Do not hesitate to specify this. You may want only a part of the house, or a specific room to be designed and this too can be achieved. Hire a specialist who has the right kind of qualifications for the job – especially if you are looking at a lighting specialist, someone who can work on a color palette and the like.

You will need to work with someone who has the license to practice in your area. They should also be familiar with space planning autocad and 3D as well as all the local laws and codes as far as building and decorating goes. Keep in mind that an interior designer is often a trained individual, while an interior decorator has more experience than qualification on their side.

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