Fabulous First Grade

Friday, March 8

Language Workshop

This past week, we have wrapped up our unit on growth. Kiddos have explored all types of animals, plants, and even character traits that may change over time. Next week, we start our next unit: Lessons Learned. The essential question for this unit is "what can we learn from stories?" First grade will dive deep into that question as this goes alongside with finding the lesson of a story. Since the beginning of the year, all teachers can agree that language workshop discussions have gotten more in depth as students are learning how to use evidence from the text to explain their thinking. Ask your kiddo "how do things change as they grow?" and learn more about our books from the growth unit.

Reading Workshop

We are continuing to push and exceed our reading goal as this second trimester is coming to an end. Connecting to Language Workshop, our new unit focuses on finding the lesson of a story as well as describing key details and events. First graders are working hard to identify and read digraphs (sh, ch, th) and blends (bl, gl, st) in different words. Knowing these will increase reading level and fluency while reading. A big part of reading workshop that is new this past week is spelling. The teachers have worked hard to see where each individual child is at with spelling and adjusted accordingly. Next week, students will start practicing the words that they may need help on. These spelling words are first and second-grade sight words. Most kiddos can read them, but it's time to take it up a notch! After all, they are almost second graders :) Activities for spelling include writing and using the words in a sentence, partner spelling, as well as writing and checking their own work.

Writer's Workshop

First graders are just so excited for the Showcase of Excellence on Tuesday the 12th because they finally get to show you their informational book! This book has been a two to three-week project that has a lot of work put into it. Each kiddo picked and researched a topic that they knew little about. From there, they carefully crafted a chapter book that teaches all you need to know on that topic. With that, students learned all about how to write chapters with text features as well as making a cover page, table of contents, and an all about me page! Want a sneak peek? As your kiddo what their topic it - they'd love to share!

Social Studies

We have just concluded an economics unit where students learned all about goods, services, wants and needs. After going over the basics. students spent a week using the Junior Achievement curriculum, something that is used in schools throughout the country. Here, students were able to dig deeper in their understanding of economics as these topics related directly to their communities and their families. Finishing economics, we move into geography as students are grasping the concept of how to read a map. We are getting a lot of practice finding things on different maps, using a map key, as well as understanding the directions with the compass rose!

Math Workshop

This week, our goals are to understand addition ranging from numbers 0-100. We are practicing using many different strategies on how to add numbers, such as base ten blocks, number charts, as well as sticks and bundles! With that, kiddos are working hard to find 10 less and 10 more than a certain number. The goal is to be able to identify 10 less or 10 more mentally. Something to practice at home would be to give your kiddo a number, and simply ask them "What is 10 more than this number? What is 10 less?" We also continue to count to 100 by 2's, 5's, and 10's - another fun thing to do in the car! Once we get these quick strategies under our belt, we will officially start learning more strategies on how to add numbers next week!

Showcase of Excellence

Our Showcase of Excellence will be held on Tuesday, March 12th. This is an opportunity for kiddos to show you the things they have been working hard on - both in the classroom and in the specials! The Showcase starts at 6:00 pm in your child's classroom, with the concert starting promptly at 6:30 pm. We are so excited to share our classrooms with you!

Upcoming Field Trip

All first-grade classes with be taking a field trip to the First Stage Children's Theater in Milwaukee to see "Tinker Bell". This trip will take place on Wednesday, May 1st. The performance starts at 12:00 and we will return at 2:00. Students will each lunch in the classroom so please pack a bag lunch and drink.

More information will be sent home in the Friday Folder - so please look there because there is a permission slip to return.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 12th at 6:00p - Showcase of Excellence

Friday, March 15th - Field Trip permission slips due!

Monday, March 25-Friday, March 29: SPRING BREAK!

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