"The Gift of the Magi"

Simone,Tinaiya, and Corey

The connection

This song relates to the "Gift of Magi" because it talks about how they will love each other. No matter what, their problems can't get in the way of how much they love each other. Even though they have their ups and downs they still make it. Because the love that they have is strong, nothing can't hurt their relationship.


Can you hear me out there

Have you ever had someone who loved you

Never leave your side

I know you'll be here

Because you love me... yes you do

I'm givin all my life and all my love... if you...

Promise that you'll be here forever

I'll give you all of me I'll give you everything

If you promise you'll never leave me

What my friends say don't matter

You'll be right here from the start

And I'll get on my knees

I'll give you all of me

If you never leave my side


You love me

You complete me

You hold my heart in your hands

And it's okay cause I trust that

You'll be the best man that you can