New York

New Amsterdam's New Start

Rights for the People!

At a meeting between the Dutch and English men, they passed a charter called the "Charter of Liberties and Privileges." After the King signed this charter, the people of New York were given a number of civil liberties and the right to self-govern themselves. This charter was an example of the liberal behavior going throughout Britain and the Netherlands.

The New Liberal Colony

My family and I just found out about this new Charter that the King granted us after the meeting between us English and the Dutch. I am so happy that us people finally have rights like trial by jury, due process, and freedom of conscience for Christians. Also, my wife was very happy with the charter allowing her to have limited property rights. New York was a very diverse and liberal place, I am honored that I had a chance to experience life in a colony that was so free and fair. No where I have ever lived before made me feel this free and had such a fair chance to live. Although living in the New York colony was not like anything else I have ever experienced, the King decided to refuse a charter that would make us the head colony or in other words better than every other colony. The Charter had two items on it; New Yorkers had more rights than any other colonists and New York government might undermine the power of the Parliament. After all the enjoyment I had living their, the colony failed due to lack of secure self-government, the fights amongst New Yorkers, and political instability slowed the population growth down.


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