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What Has Mrs. Steinman Been Up To?

I have had the best time visiting classrooms last month. My goal was to introduce myself to the CES students and to explain the role of a school counselor. My favorite answer so far when asked what students think a school counselor does was, "You tell everybody what to do." Lol! We talked about how counselors are helpers and they actually listen more than they talk. School counselors help find solutions. While teachers help make students' brains wise, school counselors help make students' hearts smart. :)

Last month we talked about Initiative. Initiative is seeing what needs to be done and doing it. CES students learned about a real life example of taking initiative by hearing the story, "The Dog Poop Initiative." Yep, your kids learned about taking initiative by listening to a story about how some dog poo on a field made it difficult for kids to play their game. Ask if your student if they are a "Pointer" or a "Scooper." Scoopers get things done. Pointers see what needs to be done, but wait for someone else to do it. CES students came up with wonderful ways on how they can show that they are scoopers. Has your charming child offered to do the dishes at home, take out the trash, or clean up their room without being told? I hope so!! If not, remind them that they are Scoopers!

October's Character Topic: Individuality

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Classroom Lessons

This month is all about Individuality which is discovering who we are meant to be so that we can make a positive difference! There are so many unique things about each one of us and part of growing up is discovering what those amazing qualities are.

Important October Dates

No School For Students, Staff Professional Development-Oct. 8th

Campus Closed for Holiday-Oct. 11th

Dragons Wear Blue in Support of Bullying Prevention Month-Oct. 13th

Red Ribbon Week- Oct. 25th-29th

CogAT Assessment for 4th Graders-Oct. 6th

ITBS Assessment for 4th Graders-Oct. 12th and 13th

Dragons Go Blue On Oct. 13th

National Stop Bullying Day is Wednesday, October 13th. This is the day that we encourage Dragons to wear Blue district wide in support of Bully Prevention.
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How Can My Child See The Counselor?

1. Self referral. I have counseling referral slips in the classrooms (only 3rd and 4th grade) that a student may use, or students may ask their teacher if they can pay me a visit during non instructional times.

2. Teacher referral. Sometimes teachers notice that a child may be experiencing emotions that are interfering with learning.

3. Parent referral. You may send me an email or call my office.