By Preston Gillinger

country basics

The capital of Russia is Moscow. The Russian flag was made hen Peter the great visited the Netherlands to learn about ship building and found that Russia needed its own naval flag


Russia is in Asia and has the countries Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan,Mongolia, China, North Korea surrounding Russia. State Hermitage Museum, The Kremlin, Red Square, Cathedral of St. Sophia, and Mount Elbrus are just some of the great landmarks in Russia. Major bodies of water in Russia are: Lake Baikal, The Caspian Sea, The Yenisey river, The Ob river, The Lena River, The Volga River,The Pechora River The Kolyma River.



Russia is a rich country gdp wise. Russia's gdp is more than 1.5 times the world average.

Instead of dollars or bucks Russians use Russian rubble. Russia's main import/export is coal. the life expectancy of Russia is 70.47 years. Their birth rate is 1,000 a year and their literacy rate is 99.76


clothes can vary based on someones likes or religions but most wear warm clothes.
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Some holidays are women's day on march 8th, new years January 1st, Christmas on January7th, and the day of Russia on June 12th. Russia's languages are 81% Russian and 3% latar


Usually its very cold in Russia and the yearly rainfall is about 230 in. the average temperature is 424 degrees