September 2021


Dear CTA Liberty Families,

As we enter the month of September and the two-week fall break is fast approaching, I want to take some time to highlight a few things. First and foremost, we are very excited to start promoting CTA Liberty's mission statement: "Building successful relationships and foundations for all lifelong learners”. We will start to promote our mission statement and use it to gauge our interaction with students, parents, volunteers, and staff members. These words will serve as our guide for everything we do on campus. Building relationships is what you can expect from every staff member and, will be our guide for the level of service we will provide in our academic instruction and our daily interactions.

Most of us can remember the tragic event from 20 years ago on 9/11/01. CTA Liberty will ensure we have our U.S. flags flying in front of the school and we will take time on Friday, September 10th, to acknowledge this day in our history. Not only do most of us remember that specific day and the days that followed but I think this is a great time to think about how our country came together, our communities came together, and our neighborhoods as well. I remember seeing so many flags on houses, seeing patriotic messages, and it seemed we were able to set aside differences. As our country continues to be divided on many issues, I want to continue our efforts at CTA Liberty to create an environment that focuses on our students, their needs, teaching understanding, and highlighting the great things about our kids. Thank you to everyone who continues to show and demonstrates support for CTA Liberty. It truly means so much.

I would now like to address some safety items that are becoming more and more of an issue. I have been doing extra crosswalk duty and I've noticed many drivers speeding in our school zones, on cell phones, making U-turns in the middle of the road, and parking in no parking zones. Please know, our staff is committed to keeping our students safe and we are not the police and realize we CANNOT force you to follow the traffic laws, but we can ask that we all take the extra time to model making the right decisions. In addition, I've received several phone calls from families in the neighborhood about vehicles speeding on the roads around our school, specifically on N. Mammoth Way and on N. Danielson Way. Let's be patient, alert, and safe while we are driving in and around our campus and respectful to our families that own homes around CTA Liberty.

I believe everyone is fully aware of how difficult it is to hire staff in the private and public sector the last few months. CTA Liberty is not any different. Not a day goes by that we are short staffed, our teachers are taking on additional assignments, our support staff is working overtime and in areas outside of their job responsibilities. As the principal, I couldn't ask for our staff to do anything more than they are already doing. If you have any time to reach out to any staff member that you know is going above and beyond or going the extra mile, please take a minute to let them know. Your kind words are very powerful and mean a great deal.

Thank you very much for the continued support of CTA Liberty. When we get to the break, please enjoy the time with your family and friends.


Mr. Anthony M. Smith



STUCO Cereal September Event - NOW through September 17th

CTA Liberty's Student Council will be sponsoring "Cereal September" this month. They have joined with fellow partners Casteel High School, Navarrete Elementary, Strong Foundations Academy, and Sun Lakes Rotary to promote this drive benefitting the Chandler CARE Center.

The Chandler CARE Center plays in important role in helping our very own Chandler Families. We want our CUSD students to arrive "School Ready" with a full belly so they can learn and thrive. Cereal September will positively affect our community and you can help by making a donation.

  • Program Start Date: Now!
  • Program End Date: September 17th
  • Items Accepted: Cereal, Breakfast Bars, Oatmeal (Items must be unopened and not expired). Students can bring items and drop off in marked bins or to their teacher.
  • Online donations can be made through Venmo @Cereal September.
  • Venmo contributions will be used to purchase cereal, breakfast bars and oatmeal..

Special recognition goes to the student organizer, Ellie Neal, from Casteel High School.

Please see the attached flyer for the Venmo QR code.

Thank you for supporting the Chandler CARE Center,


Labor Day Holiday - September 6th

Monday, September 6th there will be no school for all students and staff.

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Holiday.

911 Remembrance - September 10th

CTA Liberty will hold individual classroom 911 Remembrance events this year due to COVID-19 mitigation restrictions. Be sure to ask your student about their classroom event.

Hispanic Heritage Month Spirit Week - September 20th through September 24th

CTA Liberty will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a T-Shirt Spirit Week, Monday September 20th through Friday, September 24th.

Monday, September 20th

Musica Monday: Wear a shirt related to music; a band, instrument, or even music notes.

Tuesday, September 21st

Taco Tuesday: Wear a shirt with a food picture.

Wednesday, September 22nd

Dia De Deportes/Sports Day: Wear a shirt or jersey supporting your favorite team.

Thursday, September 23rd

Yo Say ____/I Am ____: A day about YOU! Represent yourself through your shirt!

Friday, September 24th

Como la flor/Flower Friday: Wear a something colorful or with flowers; headpieces, clothing prints, or accessories.

*Students can wear a t-shirt with jeans or a uniform bottom. Those not participating in the spirt day, should be in uniform. Be sure all attire meets District dress code.

1st Intersession (Fall Break) - September 27th through October 11th

Fall break is almost here!

Dates: Monday, September 27th through Monday, October 11th - No School

Note: Monday, October 11th is a Teacher In-Service day and there is no school. Students return on Tuesday, October 12th.

Enjoy your Fall Break!

CTA Liberty Job Openings

CTA Liberty has the following openings:

  1. Paraeducator Pre School (Spanish) - 10:30 am - 5:30 pm
  2. Student Worker - Preschool Child Care - 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm
  3. Crossing Guard Split Hours 7:30-8:00 and 2:15-3:15

If you are interested, please apply at

Search: CTA Liberty


Book Fair - The Best Ever!

Thank you families for making this year's Book Fair the best we have ever had! Our sales this year were $17,968!

And a very special thank you to all our volunteers! We couldn't have done it with out you!


The Eagle Connection

Please see the attached "Eagle Connection " Newsletter from Mrs. Barbara Aldecoa, Student Services Coordinator.


PTO Open/General Meeting - September 8th

The next PTO Open/General Meeting is on Wednesday, September 8th at 6:30 pm in the Multipurpose room.

If you have any questions or fundraising ideas, please email PTO at

CTA Liberty PTO Facebook Page:

CTA Liberty PTO Website:

PTO Free Dress Friday Fundraiser - Bring $1 on September 17th

Help combat childhood hunger with a free dress day. Bring an optional $1 donation to school Friday, September 17th!

PTO will donate half of the proceeds to Feed My Starving Children for Hunger Action month.

Thank you for your support!

PTO Restaurant "Week" at Culvers - September 20th through 24th

PTO is sponsoring restaurant "Week" at Culvers!

Dates: September 20th - September 24th, All Day

Location: 3610 S. Val Vista Drive, Gilbert 85297

20% of the proceeds will go to CTA Liberty,! Just mention you are a supporter of CTA Liberty when ordering!

PTO Co-Treasurer Position

PTO is looking for a co-treasurer position to be filled ASAP. Please email PTO at if you can help.

Thank you for your support!

PTO Spirit Wear

All spirit wear has been distributed. If your order is missing any items, please contact Emma at

Unfortunately, PTO will be unable to accommodate size changes at this time. Additionally, a small number of extra jackets and shirts were ordered. Please email to purchase yours today. Spirit sock are also still available for purchase at $10/pair.

Thank you for supporting CTA Liberty PTO!


Lost and Found

Please remember to label all your students belongings so if they are found they can be returned. If an item is lost, students can check the Lost and Found, located outside of the Multi-Purpose room. After each break, unclaimed items are donated.

Thank you!

Safety and Processes

Safety and Processes:

1. Parents/guardians may enter the campus after signing in at the front office. Parents/guardians will not be allowed to enter the campus any other way.

  • Note: Pre-K parents must park and sign students in and out of Room #5.

2. As we had in place last year, students will go directly to their classroom and not the playground. Students can be dropped off no earlier than 7:45 am. Students will enter at the designated entry points below for each grade and proceed directly to the classroom.

  • K, 4th, 5th and 6th grades: Drop off in the back (North) parking lot
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd grades: Drop off in the from (South) parking lot

*Parent vehicle drop off: Parents remain in the car.

*Walkers: Each grade enter through the front gate, the back gate near the kindergarten playground or the adjacent park gate.

*Bus drop off: Enter through the bus drop off gate.

When asked in a survey, the vast majority of teachers and parents wanted to continue with this process. Please know our students will still have plenty of recess and outdoor time. In addition, with the enrollment increase at Liberty, having ALL students go to the playground in the morning creates a very stressful start to the day. We have over 100 kindergarten students and our kindergarten playground cannot safely accommodate those numbers. Even if they were all able to be on the kindergarten playground, that would still leave approximately 600, first through sixth grade, students on the larger playground.

We will also continue with a staggered release schedule.

  • 2:30 Release: Kindergarten, 1st Grade
  • 2:35 Release: 2nd and 4th Grade
  • 2:40 Release: 3rd, 5th and 6th Grade

If families have multiple students, default to the youngest student's drop off/pickup point.

Lastly, please do not block crosswalks or handicap stalls or use cell phones while waiting in line or driving through the parking lots.

Thank you for support in keeping all students and staff safe!

General School Reminders

As a reminder:

  1. Drop Off in the morning is no earlier than 7:45 am. Although building doors may be unlocked, students are not allowed on campus until 7:45 am.
  2. The back gate closes at 8:05 am to allow teachers to report to their classrooms. If the back gate is closed you must drop your student off through the front gate and follow the drop off rules. Please do have your student exit your car until they have reached a teacher at the front of the line.
  3. Please have your student dressed appropriately for the weather. If they wear a jacket or sweater to school, please be sure it is dress code approved (red, white or blue) and clearly labeled with the student's name. All water bottles should also be labeled.
  4. Face masks are optional but highly recommended on campus for all students, teachers and staff.
  5. Only students and staff are allowed on campus, with the exception of Pre K parents, for drop off and pick up. During school hours, parents may only enter campus through the front office.
  6. After school clubs: No parents/guardians are allowed on campus for after school clubs. Students will be directed to their club location by staff and parents/guardians should pick up at the appropriate time in the south parking lot (front of school near the flag). The club sponsor will stay with the students until they are picked up.

Thank you for your support!



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