Mrs. Abbasi's 5th/6th Grade

Weekly Newsletter

February 5th, 2016

Dear Parents,

Asssalam-alaikum. Its been a few weeks since the last newsletter due to the Snowzilla storm and PDD days. Our class has been busy working hard to catch up to those lost instructional days.

This upcoming week is the last week of UOI #3: How we Organize Ourselves. Students have been busy posting on the Humans of Tarbiyah class blog. Some students have been working diligently on keeping up with the blog posts, alhamdulillah. If you haven't already checked it out, the blog can be found at

The past few weeks in class, students explored "How society functions as an economic unit". Students have learned about

  • the characteristics of a market economy
  • the relationship among supply, demand, scarcity, and opportunity cost
  • the interaction among consumers/households, businesses/producers, and markets
  • how changes in technology, costs, and demand interact in competitive markets to determine or change the price of goods and services.
  • compared the market economy to other types of economies (command, traditional, mixed).
  • how government policies allow either free or restricted trade.
  • poverty, its long reaching effects and factors that contribute to the cycle of poverty.
  • banks' traditional "3C's" approach to lending money.

In ELA, we have been continuing the science fiction novel study for "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. Students have been responding to the novel by posting responses to writing prompts on the blog. Students have been exploring characterization, symbolism and theme.

Next week, in vocabulary, we will be reviewing Units 1-6 of Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop. Students will have a summative assessment on Friday, February 12th.

5th Grade Math

This week, we were working on CCSS.Math.Content.5.MD.C.3 geometric measurement and understanding concepts of volume. Students continued working on the following focus points:

  • decomposing 3-D shapes and recombining them to make a given building.
  • developing a strategy for determining the volume of rectangular prisms.
  • designing patterns for boxes that hold a given number of cubes.
  • finding the volume of rectangular prisms.
  • considering how the dimensions of a box change when the volume is changed (doubled, halved, or tripled).

6th Grade Math

This week, we continued working on Ratios & Proportional Relationships.

CCSS.Math.Content.6.RP.A.1 Understand the concept of a ratio and use ratio language to describe a ratio relationship between two quantities.

Students Learning Outcomes:

  • understand that a ratio is an ordered pair of non-negative numbers, which are not both zero.
  • use the precise language and notation of ratios (e.g., 3:2, 3 to 2).
  • understand that the order of the pair of numbers in a ratio matters and that the description of the ratio relationship determines the correct order of the numbers.
  • conceive of real-world contextual situations to match a given ratio.
  • demonstrate their understanding that the order of the pair of numbers in a ratio matters.
  • create multiple ratios from a context in which more than two quantities are given.
  • develop an intuitive understanding of equivalent ratios by using tape diagrams to explore possible quantities of each part when given the part-to-part ratio.
  • use tape diagrams to solve problems when the part-to-part ratio is given and the value of one of the quantities is given.
  • formalize a definition of equivalent ratios: Two ratios, A:B and C:D, are equivalent ratios if there is a positive number, c, such that C = cA and D = cB.

Other Important News and Upcoming Events

Learner Profile Attribute of the Month: Open-Minded

February's LP attribute is Open-Minded. Students this month have a red passport to keep track of times and instances that they have demonstrated being Open-Minded.

The participation of the class in the passport activities has been disappointing in the past few months. For January, only one student actually completed and turned in his passport. A shout-out goes to Yusuf Daoud for being Principled and meeting his goals.

LP attributes are part of the curriculum of an IB student. It is important for students to embody the attributes in all facets of their lives.

Insha Allah, I expect all students to be working on being Open-Minded, work on the passport, and turn in a completed passport. Passports are due on March 1st.

Six-Flags Reading Challenge

It is essential that students to be reading outside of school on a daily basis. Reading should be focused, and students should be able to read for at least 30 minutes in one sitting.

To help build reading stamina and encourage students to read, the school is taking part in the Six Flags Reading Challenge. Students must read for 6 hours (360 minutes) by February

26th. Reading Logs have been sent home, and parents must initial the log to verify their student's reading.

All completed reading logs will receive a free Six Flags ticket for the summer! Perfect to use during the long summer vacation!

Big image

Students watch President Obama's address Live!

On Wednesday, students from our class and 3rd/4th Grade watched President Obama's speech to Muslims live. It was an amazing experience for students to be a part of, and everyone intently listened and reflected.

After the transmission, we discussed and reflected on the speech, how it impacts us, and actions we can take. Students summarized key points in the speech and their personal reflections. Look out for the reflections on the class blog in the next few days.