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Week of January 20

Quote of the Week

"Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have titles until much later."
- Bob Golf

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Monthly Hattie's Highlight

This month we are going to highlight CLASSROOM DISCUSSION. Classroom discussion when done effectively has an effect size of 0.83 (remember 0.4 is the hinge point).

Classroom discussion is a method of teaching that involves the entire class in a discussion. The teacher stops lecturing and students get together as a class to discuss an important issue. Classroom discussion allows students to improve communication skills by voicing their opinions and thoughts. Teachers also benefit from classroom discussion as it allows them to see if students have learned the concepts that are being taught. Moreover, a classroom discussion creates an environment where everyone learns from each other.


  • Creating a series of questions for the students to think about

  • The teacher facilitates the discussion by asking open-ended, higher level questions

  • Allocate enough time in the lesson for elaborate discussion

  • Make sure students can freely express their opinions without being laughed at or ridiculed

  • Students learning from one another

I found this blog extremely helpful and informative.

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

"So here they are: 15 formats for structuring a class discussion to make it more engaging, more organized, more equitable, and more academically challenging. If you’ve struggled to find effective ways to develop students’ speaking and listening skills, this is your lucky day."

This Week:

  • Monday: Martin Luther King Day/ No School
  • Tuesday: (B day)
  • Wednesday: (A day) Jessica out AM
  • Thursday: (B day)
  • Friday: (A day)

Important Updates

Things to look forward to:

1/20-- NO SCHOOL

1/21-31--STAR Testing Window

1/28-29--Vision Screening **SCHEDULE

1/30-- 6th grade GRIT Assembly *The Time is Now

1/31-- 5th grade GRIT Assembly *The Time is Now--Band recruitment showcase

2/3-2/7--National School Counseling Week

2/5--Spring school pictures

2/7--Mindset Matters *adjusted schedule *Attitude of Gratitude

2/10-2/14-- Kindness Week *activities to come

2/13--Pre-Enrollment packets go home

2/17--Professional Development Day/ No School

2/19--Staff Meeting @ 3:20

2/20--MBI Stem Night 5:30-7

2/25--Pre-Enrollment packets due back to school

2/27-- 6th grade GRIT Assembly *Attitude of Gratitude

2/27--4th grade Tours

2/28-- 5th grade GRIT Assembly *Attitude of Gratitude

3/10--Spring dance

Kindness Week t-shirts--Buy Jan. 21-27

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