The Windrixville Times

Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes

Two minors named Ponyboy and Johnny are at fault for the murder of Robert Sheldon (also known as Bob), and were being hunted by the police. However, when they were found, they were heroes. The old wooden church that had been near the boys had caught on fire with many children in it! Ponyboy and Johnny were brave enough to go in and save the kids! Through the smoldering heat they fought for what they knew was right even if it meant risking their own lives. A mother of a child that was saved calls them "Our guardian angels", "I couldn't thank them enough". They saved all of the children, and after, the boys were seriously injured. Ponyboy seemed to have minor injuries but Johnny doesn't seem to have the same luck, we are still waiting to know how well he's recovering. Unfortunately, they still may be convicted of murder, even though they claim it was self defense. If this is the case, Ponyboy (who's parents died) will be split apart from his brothers who care for him, and try to help him be the best he can be in school and life. As for Johnny, he will be put in the electric chair for murder.