Daniel Boone

who was daniel boone

Daniel born in 1734 he got married in to Rebecca By Anons in 1734. And there kids were Nathan,Rebecca Boone when Daniel was just 8 years old he would go out into. The woods during his free time Daniel Died in 1820

what did Daniel Boone do

Daniel went on hunting trips he went hunting during his free time.Daniel was also was a very good helper.He even wrestled a bear for two days and two nights the third day the bear finally gave up Daniel went into the. Ambush that had him and some other soldiers the ambush was led by a british general and Indians.He hunted for living.


Indian chief, Black Fish, named Daniel Big turtle. he was captured by shawnee Indians in 1778 Daniel also learned the Indians ways. he was very brave he moved to missouri in 1799. he loved the forest he got a rifle named the tick licker.

what impact did he have on the world

he helped people like his mom,dad,grandma,grandpa,and city folks daniel rescued three girls from a shawnee tribe.he saved people from Indians

should we be like him

he would help people move to different lands. he would warn people that there was danger.daniel was responsible because he would go hunting and he had to watch out.Daniel is honest because he told the men he was sorry for causing trouble
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