SUPER Weekly Agenda

February 22-26, 2016

2015-2016 Priorities

  • Balanced Literacy
  • PBIS
  • Movement with Purpose

Monthly Focus Areas

College Readiness:
  • K-5: Map of Indiana Colleges and their Majors
  • Middle School: Knowing yourself, what are your strengths and interests
  • College Word: Register: To sign up or enroll in a course or courses

Cultural Competency:

  • Black History - All classes should have evidence of participation in the study of black history. There was an e-mail sent regarding the convocation.

House of Values:

  • Kindness: Work to track random acts of kindness within your class

Data Priorities

  • February DIBELS Goals: Goals: K- PSF25+ NWF 20+, 1- DORF WC 29+ AC 81%, 2- DORF WC 76+ AC 96% RETELL 23+
  • Progress Monitor Red and Yellow Students in DIBELS. Kindergarten PSF Focus and Grades 1-2 DORF.
  • ISTEP Data Targets: ELA 60%, Math 54

  • IREAD Data Target: 84%

  • NWEA: Finish MOY Testing

  • SRI: Compare lexile and growth to Achieve 3000

  • Achieve 3000: Did you get 5 activities in during January?

Reminders and Celebrations

  • Congratulations again to Mrs. Green on her new position!!
  • Happy birthday next Thursday to Ms. Gutrich!!
  • Great job Ms. Ward on organizing Jump Rope for Heart again and raising funds for the American Heart Association!!
  • Great job Ms. Sitzman and Mrs. Jacobs on coaching your teams to several wins and to improved attitudes on the court!!
  • Great job Mr. VanVeelen on your dedication to the book club students after school!!
  • Great job Mrs. Sellers for doing a fantastic job filling in as literacy coach this year!! She has done such a great job this year that we are officially hiring her as coach for next year!
  • Thank you to all teams that are consistently holding Beyond PLC meetings weekly to ensure you are best prepared for ISTEP prep groups!!
  • Thank you Ms. Hoppe and Ms. Moreau for your hard work preparing our Black History Celebration!! Thank you to Mrs. Jacobs on the great artwork in the gym!!


  • Please make sure by end of week that new SMART goals are written and current data is added in the conference room by each team. This is also the time to ensure your classroom data walls are up to date as well as student folders and conferences.
  • Teachers please remember you should not be on e-mail during instructional time. Teachers should not be working at their desks during instructional time. Even if students are completing a test teachers should be up around the room monitoring.
  • Teachers must be at doors to monitor halls during all student transitions.
  • Please make sure ISTEP Score Cards are complete by end of week and ready to begin testing on Monday.
  • ALL students in grades 3-8 must complete their ISTEP practice test. This can be used as an instructional tool with students. When you are finished with them, please return them to the conference room to be shred.
  • Remember that K-2 classes assigned an ISTEP buddy class will want to do something next week to encourage students!

School Goal: ALL students out of PC and RB ASAP!!

The below "I Can Statements" should guide our goal of moving students out of PC and RB levels on TRC. Let's make this a focus during PLC meetings and set a good plan. We need everyone working on reading and not pre-reading concepts at this point in the year! What is the instructional plan for each PC or RB level student?

I can statements for Print Concepts

  • I can show the front of the book
  • I can show where to start reading when I open the book
  • I can show where to start reading on the next page
  • I can show that you read left to right
  • I can show a return sweep
  • I can point to each word as the teacher reads
  • I can point to the first part of a sentence
  • I can point to the last part of the sentence
  • I can point to just one letter
  • I can point to two different letters
  • I can point to just one word
  • I can point to two words
  • I can point to the first letter of a word
  • I can point to the last letter of a word
  • I can point to a capital letter
  • I can identify a period
  • I can identify a question mark
  • I can match a capital letter to a lower case letter
  • I can match a lower case letter to a capital letter

0-11: < PC 12-13: PC 14: > PC

I can statement for Reading Behaviors

  • I can show that you read from left to right
  • I can follow the pattern of the words
  • I can sound out words
  • I can read sight words automatically
  • can identify the beginning sound of a word
  • I can identify the last sound of a word

0-4: Move to PC 5: Stay at RB 6: move up to level A

Prepping Parents for ISTEP

Don't forget that it is time to prep PARENTS for ISTEP and IREAD. We need to let them know next week what to expect during ISTEP, time-frame, etc. Please see ideas below for communicating with families. Please ensure that your parents are well aware of our needs during testing. We are also in need of ISTEP snacks. Encourage students to bring in snacks and donate. Please consider reaching out via newsletters and Remind 101. If a student needs medication during testing, sometimes arrives late, or has had stress at home a personal phone call might be good to ensure the family knows the needs of their child during testing and can help us ensure the child is prepared.

  • Establish an early bedtime routine, to ensure your student receives at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

  • Remove televisions, CD players, or other distractions from his/her bedroom to ensure they have an uninterrupted sleep.

  • Make sure your student eats a healthy breakfast before school.

  • Limit the number of sodas your student drinks.

  • Be positive about the test! Don't put undue pressure on your student's performance.

  • Reassure your student, let them know that they just need to do his/her best.

  • Encourage your student to take his/her time, they are given plenty of time to complete the test.

  • Have your child practice math facts orally, utilizing flash cards, to improve speed and accuracy.

  • Ask your student to read aloud to you and occasionally stop them to ask questions about a paragraph they just read.

  • Make sure the child's routine is consistent.

  • Make sure the child arrives at school on time each day.

  • Encourage your student to play outside after school, if weather permits, for at least 30 minutes. (The physical exercise helps relieve stress.)

  • Reschedule any appointments for that week.

  • Continue practicing math facts and reading aloud.

  • Create a stress free environment for your child.

Get Healthy!!

February is: American Heart Month and Dental Health Month

Morning Movement: Just Dance Video from ISTEP Prep Powerpoint

Monthly Fit Focus: Healthy Hearts: Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in America. To avoid heart disease 60 minutes of activity is recommended daily as well as a heart healthy eating plan.

Activity Challenge: Read the GO, SLOW, WHOA stories out loud. As a group, do the following: Run in place for GO Foods. Walk for SLOW Foods. Freeze for WHOA Foods.

5 Star Family Challenge: Make Meal Time a Family Time