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North Korea and hydrogen bombs

While visiting a former munitions factory in Pyongyang Kim Jong Un made big nods toured North Korea building a hydrogen bomb. The new third leader of North Korea said they needed a bomb to “defend its sovereignty and the dignity of the nation.” Many believe he is telling a bluff to try to make him self look like a more powerful leader than his father. Hay maybe the interview was right. He dose have daddy issues. Many experts say that Korea does not have the ability to produce such weapons. North Korea is like the small kid in high school that thinks he can take on the foot ball player and ends up running when they come to fight. if they did in fact have a weapon of that caliber than that could change the way they are treated in the world. if they have the money and resores to make a bomb then they could possibly be at the start of some growth in there economies.

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Donald trump wants 5 million for next appearance on cnn.

Donald Trump is demanding that Cnn give him 5 million big ones for his next appearance I the republican debates. He said he will give it all Now we all know that Mr. trump is a big eye draw for Cnn. If they pass him up the opportunity cost could have made them a lot, but he may come with out being paid and leaving Cnn with a sunken cost of 5 million.

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artificial vocal cords made from human tissue

Genetic engineers have grown fully working vocal cords from human cells. This could help the over 20 million people in the US with voice problems. The team used two types of cell and tissue connective fiber and aa cell called epithelial cell. They got these from human donors. They then put the tissues and cells in a 3D collagen matrix that mimics conditions in the body. After two weeks it was fully grown and looked and felt like the real thing. They tried the new vocal cords on dogs. Haply the dogs could produce normal sound. So is this the cure for all vocal problems? No, although this is not the first time this type of work has been done it is still very early, but this is a start for a new age of human transplants. Think of how efficient get a transplant would be. they could take any donor and transplant that organ to any one.

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Larynx - Ligaments, Membranes, Vocal Cords - 3D Anatomy Tutorial

Hilary Clinton's flat out lie of corruption

In the November democratic debate Hilary defended her self from the crissum of selling out to Wall Street by saying a complete lie. She says it is because of all the things she did after the attack on the world trade center on 9/11/2001. Hilary has been getting donations from Wall Street long before 2001. Why did she say it then? That’s not hard to solve. Her incentive came from the fact she has no other good buzzword arguments that are not shot down right away. Yes, at first it seems that she did get the money for helping on 9/11 but in reality, were the rest of us live, the banks are basically bribing her to help them if they ever get in troubled again like in 2008. That is their incentives right there, a corrupt symbiotic relationship.

Hillary Clinton: I Only Have Wall Street Donors Because 9/11

NASA has to pick 1

NASA has given 3 million dollars to five poetical cheep space mission. In 2021 they will pick one or two of the five missions to finish and launch. They have to do this because of the low budget they get from the government. They get 18.4 bill a year from the government. This is because the government spends its money on other things like the 711 bill of the US budget that goes to the military. This is very sad to hear. Do to the scarcity of money in the US we have to pick and choose what gets funded? Of coarse it's the killing people that get funded. Apparently learning is not as important as bombing civilians. Think of how much we could learn about our solar system with all of these projects or more. Maybe if we learn more about other worlds we can take it resources for our own. We could expand humanity and have more space, or we could mine it for fuel and metals. With more knowledge comes a better life for us all. We can have that if we stop taking changes and instead giving chances.

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5 Places NASA May Go to Next