Protect Yourself From Fraud

Prevent yourself from a fraud

Debit/Credit Cards

-Carefully read your monthly bill.

-Keep track of your credit and debit cards.

Online Video Games

-Limit any personal financial information you give over the internet.

-Try buying prepaid credit cards with limited amounts.

Vouchers From Auto Dealerships

-Run the vehicle’s VIN number through a computerized ownership and damage history database.

-Check out the general maintenance reliability rating in Consumer Reports.

Extended Warranty Scams

- Contact the Better Business Bureau and your state Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Office to report to make sure is not false.

- Check the company's credentials.

Internet Emails from Overseas

-Never give out your social security number to someone you don’t know (especially over the phone or the internet).

-Don't open emails you are not sure about.

Identity Theft

-Limit any personal financial information you give over the internet.

-Continuously monitor your credit card statements for unauthorized transactions.

Television Promotions

- Try not to buy items sold on television infomercials.

-Be sure you can talk to a live person who can answer clarifying questions

Computer Generated “Robo” Calls

-List your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry Data Book.

-File a complaint and verify your phone number’s registration.

Smartphone Picture Uploads

- Disable the geotagging capabilities of your smart phone before photographs are taken and posted online.

-deactivate geotagging on the iPhone, Blackberry with GPS, Google Android, and Palm WebOS.

Jury Duty Scam

- Ask for the caller’s telephone number, name, and address so that you can check him out with your local FBI agent or Attorney General.

-Keep in mind that Court officials will never call and ask for personal information.

Maria Zarate.