SPS Wellnes Guidelines

By Jean Luc Lave

The Guidelines

All smart snacks and vending machine snacks must have have a whole grain on it, or have the first ingredient as a fruit or vegetable. Also, there has to be protein if it doesn't have any of the other ingredients. Has to be a combination that contains 1/4 cup of fruit or vegetable. Fat limits : Total Fat 35% of calories, Saturated fat: 10% of total calories, and trans fat: 0% of total calories.

The Snack Facts

  • Calorie Limit on snacks, 200.
  • Sodium limit on snacks, 230mg. * in 2016 it will be lowered 200mg.
  • All snacks are FDA approved

Nutrion for Beverages

No carbonated drinks or energy drinks will be sold.

  • The following will only be sold
  1. Plain water
  2. Unflavored milk
3. 100% vegetable juice
But, there might be low calorie or no calorie drinks like calorie free flavored water.