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Week of April 11, 2016

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Team Does Not Meet This Week

...due to the end of the grading period.

Monday, April 11

Awards Night - Send Sam Names by Today!

As a team, we will need to select one student for English 2, one for English 2 GT, and one for English 2 Honors to be awarded on Awards Night in May. I will need the name of the student, the ID number, the English level, and the name of the teacher who has him/her in class. Linda needs this information by April 13, so be thinking about who you might nominate. Names will be drawn at the end of the day today.


  • Grades
  • Effort
  • Motivation
  • Responsibility
  • Attitude

Tuesday, April 12

iLead Meets 3rd

Check here for updates!

  • The next iLead meeting (April 26) will focus on what iLead will look like next year with the implementation of 6/7 classes.
  • Feedback from iLead visitors in March: learning walks are purposeful and we can learn a lot from them; lots of love for visiting other disciplines and seeing the value of learning across content; discussed how learning walks will look next year (we don't have an answer for that, but the responses were that learning walks should not go away)

Learning Walk Reminder

We are expected to complete one learning walk per six weeks, with a team reflection. Our reflection will take place the first week of next six weeks.

Wednesday, April 13

ACT Training

Monday, April 11th, 8:15am

Library Classroom/Lecture Hall

Just a friendly reminder that this week is ACT training. All teaching staff/counselors/administrators (excluding paras) will need to be trained.

Below are your two options. You will only need to select one option to meet the requirements for compliance.

Option 1: ACT Training will be held each period during the day on April 13th (Library Classroom)

  • I will conduct training every period. Please select either your conference period or Team Time to attend.Training will begin 5 minutes after the bell rings. So be prompt as the door will be locked after 5 minutes. The training itself it about 20 minutes. There will be time after to clarify any questions.

Option 2: Afterschool Training on April 14th (Lecture Hall)

  • Training will begin promptly at 4:00 p.m. So be prompt as the door will be locked. The training itself it about 20 minutes. There will be time after to clarify any questions.

Thursday, April 14

Friday, April 15

Membean Cheating

If you encounter a student or students using the Membean program to cheat on their Membean minutes, please send the letter linked below to the parents. The letter has been approved by Anthony Poullard and Heather Cato.

In addition to the letter, at the end of each six weeks, please compile a list of students who have cheated during that period and then each team lead will submit that list to the appropriate AP. This will be for information only. If the AP has a student on the list that has cheated in other areas, then he/she can use the Membean information to guide an action. If you have a student that is on the list more than one time or has cheated in other areas, then you may certainly write a referral at that point as well as send the letter home.

There will be no reassessment of the minutes for Membean as it is not a major grade.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Membean Cheating Letter

Membean Cheating List - Please submit names by 8:00am Friday, 4/15

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Mandatory State Training - Due April 29th

From Deana Harrell:

House Bill 2186 requires Suicide Prevention Training for Educators in Public Schools in Texas. This fall we were notified that the State was compiling a list of approved on-line trainings for this purpose.

After reviewing the on-line trainings, attempting to balance the time demands of the offerings, and the clear need for greater awareness in CISD, we have selected the training available through Staff will need to set up an account through that website and then select the appropriate training for the level of learner they work with the most: elementary, middle school, or high school.

Through these trainings, educators have the opportunity to “engage” virtually with grade level appropriate learners who may be experiencing psychological distress and make decisions about appropriate action for those learners.

Once complete, print your certificate and bring it to De Ann Sills to house in your file on campus. You will sign the "sign-in" sheet once you submit your certificate. This is due BY: April 29th.

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Creating Audio Recordings Online

Click the button below for resources.

Got an idea for how to use audio recordings in the classroom? Share in the comments below!

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Schedule a Learning Walk

  • View the master list here.
  • Use this optional form to guide your reflection during/after each learning walk.
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ESL Certification Information

From Mr. Jasso:

I email to provide you with information related to our ESL certification discussion in the English Department meeting this morning. A reminder that CISD is moving towards improved service for ESL students through English instruction. This means that new hires, as well as current staff, will be required to obtain ESL certification by the Spring of 2017. CISD will pay for one exam fee for each teacher impacted (you can elect to take the digital test). The cost of updating your certification status with SBEC would be paid by the teacher, however. Below are resources to help you learn more about this certification and resources to help you prepare for this exam.

Test and Certification FAQs

Study Materials

Register from the Exam

We will pursue face to face training for interested teachers and provide that time and date when available. Thank you again for your positive attitude (and the Diet Cokes)!

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