4T Virtual Conference Newsletter

May 8, 2017

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12 days until the 4T Virtual Conference!

Register Today!

There is no cost to register for the 2017 conference!

Be on the look out for special offers for ALL participants from our door prize sponsors!

This year some of our door prize sponsors have fantastic give-a-ways for every teacher registered! Make sure you have registered to receive these free offers!
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A Look at Some of Our Outstanding Sessions for May 22nd

A Special Offer from ISTE

The new book Learning First, Technology Second highlights the Triple E Framework that the 4T Virtual Conference uses to train and assess all our presenters. The Framework was developed (informed by research) at the University of Michigan in 2011. It is an easy to use practitioner framework and includes many lesson examples from practicing K-12 teachers! ISTE is offering a special coupon code:

Code: LEARN1ST at checkout

The code gets you 20% off (plus members get a discount, so it’s 30% total) and it’s good until July 31.

Link to book: https://www.iste.org/resources/product?id=3975

A Big Thank You to the Ford Motor Fund

Ford Motor Fund has generously given a large donation to the 2017 4T Conferences. We value this partnership, in particular from an organization that "works with our partners to find innovative solutions to community concerns using a coordinated, strategic approach." Learn more about the Ford Motor Fund here.
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Session Schedule Posted!

We have an incredible line up this year! Everything from Google, to coding, to virtual reality, to personalizing learning, to responsive classroom, to hip hop, to media literacy, to authentic math learning, to digital organization and portfolios, to grammar in the digital age! Take a look at our wonderful sessions for each date!

2017 4T Conference Sponsors

This conference is no cost for teachers because of our sponsors and partnerships. Please support them, as they are supporting your PD!

Earn up to 19 FREE SCECHs

Our commitment to our K-12 teachers with a Michigan teaching certificate is to give them free SCECHs for attending the conference. Click here to learn more about earning your free SCECHs this year!

New this year for non-MI teachers: certificate of attendance!

Previously K-16 teachers that are not certificated through the state of Michigan have requested an official certificate of attendance. We are now able to provide this to any educator that would like one. We are charging a small fee for processing and time. You can purchase the certificate online after you have completed all your sessions. A UofM instructor will check our database to make certain you attended the sessions listed and then email (or mail if you request) your official signed certificate of attendance. The certificate will be signed by a UofM Professor. Learn more at the link below. If you are a UofM graduate, we will wave the fee.

How to participate in the conference

1) Make sure you have registered.

2) You do not need to sign up to attend specific sessions. Instead click on the room link to your session (posted on the Schedule page in May) that you would like to attend, and it should open up in Blackboard Collaborate. Make sure you TEST Blackboard Collaborate to know that it is working on your computer BEFORE the conference. If Blackboard is not working properly on your computer, please contact the Blackboard support room (the conference facilitators cannot help with individual issues in Blackboard). Please NOTE that Blackboard Collaborate DOES NOT work on CHROMEBOOKS. It works very well on iPads, Smartphones, iPods (via the app which is free) or any other desktop or laptop computer.

3) Click on the room link to the session you would like to attend at the correct time (according to the conference schedule). Type in your full name and let Blackboard collaborate download to your computer and open (you may have to double-click on the Blackboard download to get it to open).

4) Please note that we recommend logging into each session about 10 minutes BEFORE the start time to make sure you get a spot (only 150 participants per session), and to make sure your computer is working properly with the session tool.

5) If you are interested in applying for SCECHs (no cost), please see the SCECHs page for more information. There are 19 SCECHs available.

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Thank you to Our 4T Conference Partners