Survival in Canada

E'Chante Hull

Make sure you have water

Drink water. Water is essential for your physical and mental well-being. Without water, the body will begin to shut down within a day or two, and sooner depending on temperatures. Remain calm, as this will aid in your body's water conservation.

If you have food,or if you don't

Locate a source of food. If you didn't carry in food and there is no food available from a survival kit, you will need to rely on the wilderness for food. You can eat numerous plants, but you'll need some knowledge of what's safe; many can be deadly. Setting snare traps with wire or cord is an excellent means of surviving, but keep in mind that most wild animals are very lean. The lack of fat can have detrimental effects because your body requires you to consume a certain amount of fat. Eating only lean meat can cause health problems that, in the wilderness, can prove to be deadly.

Have a map

Make sure you have a map so you want get lost.Maps are important. If you have a map and a compass you will know where you are going and you want get lost if you read the map ad compass right.

Have something to put you clothes on

Have a backpack to carry your clothes.A backpack helps you carry what you need to bring with you.

Know where you are going

Make sure you know where you are going. If you don't know where you are going ask for help before you go.Or look on your map.

Pack and ready to go

If you're ready to go make sure you have everything.Make sure you don't leave anything behind.Make sure you have everything.

make sure you have somebody with you

Make sure you have a family member with you so you won't be alone.Make sure you have fun with your family.