Nursing Assistance

By Laura


Nursing assistances give their personal care to patients in hospitals and nursing homes. They work under nurses and doctors.

Related jobs

1. Medical assistance- They perform routine tasks and procedures such as measuring patients' vital signs, administering medications and injections, recording information in medical records-keeping systems, preparing and handling medical instruments and supplies, and collecting and preparing specimens of bodily fluids and tissues for laboratory testing.

2. Surgical assistance- They help make sure the other doctors have the right tools to do the surgery on the patient.

3. Dental assistance- Checks for cavities brushes the patients teeth to make sure they are ready for the dentist.

Typical day

The person I interviewed currently works as a surgical nurse circulator. She said "its fascinating, for someone to come into your life at the beginning of the day to have something fixed, cured, or treated that pay be causing them pain or may be disabling them, and at the end of the day, telling them its been taking care of is extremely rewarding."

You have to take a one year pre- requisition and you have to get good grades then you have to take classes for two years to become a nursing assistance, so three years total.

It cost about 295 dollars to get in Nursing assistance school.

You do not have to have a major to become a nursing assistance.

Averge salary

The average yearly salary for this job is 65,470 dollars.

Then every week you get 40- 50 dollars

The best place to find this job is a hospital or a nursing home.

I choose this career because I like to help people out and making sure their okay.

People best for this job are people who like taking the time to see what's wrong with the patient and not being crabby at them when they ask you questions. You also have to be up to any challenges.

People who wouldn't be good for this job would be people who hate communicating with people and having the time to see what's wrong.

After I learned all about this job I thought it was a good job for me because I like to help others and I have have the time to see if their hurt.