Reflections on Conversations

Themes and Thoughts


Thanks for all of the great conversations over the past couple of weeks. Thanks also for your honesty, candor, and your enthusiasm for your work. You were justifiably proud of what we have been doing, honest in your frustrations and suggestions, and excited for new possibilities that may be coming our way. WVWC is very lucky to have all of you in your positions!!

There were some themes that came up in multiple conversations, and I would like to share them here in hopes of highlighting some things for us to work on.

Things We Are Doing - Things We Could Do

The DVDs, shelf reading, and inventory are still in process. The purpose for all of this is to make sure that the collection is in great shape for our library users. It is very good for all of us to take a turn at the shelf reading and inventory. It gets us in touch with resources that we have - including making us realize the strengths and weaknesses of our collection! Thanks to those who have been active in this. I would encourage others to do it also!

Carol Smith is weeding and shifting periodicals. As this process progresses, we will be able to rethink some of the areas behind the front desk. Carol Bowman will be setting up Acquisitions things in the vault (and Brett has plans to move some other things out of there) where they can be close by when she needs them, but still be in a secure area.

We all need to be aware that our voices carry when we are out front. This can be distracting to students and other visitors, especially when we gather for a gossip or gripe session. Just be aware that the "shelves have ears".

As the new school year gets ready to kick off, I hope that we will all keep in mind that the excellent work that we do here is crucial to the teaching and learning of the WVWC Community. Sometimes we get so bogged down in the day-to-day details, busyness, frustrations, and annoyances that we can forget that!