After Effects

Know What After Effects Is About!

What is after effects?

It is a way to edit and add numerous effects to your video or animation. After effects has a lot of keys that are going to be used with complex methods. Even though it might take a while it will be worth doing it.

Why did l choose after effects?

l chose after effects because l wanted to make videos of mine better. another reason why is because l want to make creative videos and post in on you tube. In Action movies, the move shows a lot of effects like running thru a wall or holograms, so l wondered "how", this became my third reason why!

What l used To learn After effects?

I used you tube to learn my skills by a person named (youtube:thenewboston). he showed step by step instructions with clean explanation. There are about 30 videos that are uploaded, so if you want to learn it then use thenewboston's uploaded videos.

Things l Learnt in After Effects!

during after effects l learn t how to make key frames and editing them, changing contrast, putting effects to certain object or video, and to make a video freeze.

Tools used in After effects?

There are many variety of tools used but the most commonly used are the mouse tool, rectangle tool, zoom tool, and the pen tool. These tool can be used to size a picture, take a closer look at something, or even to change the shape of a particular picture. There are many more that are used in after effects, but are linked to certain Things.

What Effects are there to be used?

there are more effects then tools in after effects, so after effects is more useful when you are wanting to add different effects. some of these effects are blending, glow, hard mix, low mix etc.

what are Things I did in effects!

running thru the wall

why this is important ?

I think this is important because if for any reason you are wanting to a media person these is an easier way to add effects with good quality. Another way this could be important because it can edit videos too.

Learning Process of Independent study?

If you are ever going to learn something new you are going to need a rsource that you are going to be using, for your learning. Next you would want to have a the program( and other things) to use, and to do it by yourself. Finally play around it yourself to have fun!