Weekly Warrior

Volume 12 Issue 7 April 16, 2018

Important Dates

Apr 17th-English 2 EOC Field Test (uses all computer labs)

Apr 18th-Algebra 2 EOC Field Test (uses all computer labs)

Apr 18th-Faculty Meeting

Apr 19th-Clubs 8:20 - 8:40 (Students w/out club remain in 1st)

Apr 19th-Biology EOC Field Test (uses all computer labs-starts after clubs)

Apr 19th-Spring Band Concert 7:00 pm

Apr 20th-Career Fair during 3rd

Apr 20th-Society of Character (@PCHS)

Apr 23rd-Soft Skills for Seniors

Apr 24-27th-Soft Skills Daily Workshop for Select Seniors

Apr 24th-ACT Makeup Testing

Apr 24th-SAT Exam for Students who Signed Up

Apr 25th-Department Meetings

Apr 28th-Prom 7:00 pm

May 1st-Awards Day for 9/10/11 Grade @8:30 in Auditorium

May 1st-9 Week RTI Reports Due to Dept Chairs

May 4th-Registration Deadline for June 9th ACT

May 5th-Senior Awards Day @8:30 in Auditorium

May 9th-Faculty Meeting

Summer PD--Win Win Discipline is scheduled for August 2nd. See registration instructions at the bottom of the newsletter.

Big picture

SWHS Career Fair--Friday April 20th During 3rd Block

Southwestern is hosting a Career Fair in the gym for ALL students on Friday, April 20th during 3rd block. All teachers are asked to accompany their students to visit the career booths immediately following their assigned lunch time. Those teachers with last lunch may take their students to the gym at the beginning of 3rd block to allow students time to visit with representatives.

The Career Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to interact with business people in our community. Many excellent careers will be represented (on both a local and regional scale) and some businesses are interested in hiring students immediately upon graduation. Please encourage students to be mindful of this possible opportunity and act accordingly.

Gmail Account

Our Gmail accounts are now active and may be accessed using your network login credentials. Access your account by going to mail.google.com or log into Google classroom--> click the grid (waffle)-->and select mail. If you are having trouble getting logged in, click the 3 dots and select Sign Out and Forget. Then try to log back in.

To add a signature to your email:

Click the Settings gear (upper right corner), select Settings on the drop-down menu, and scroll down the General tab. You can add information that will appear at the bottom of all of your email.

To change the look of your Inbox by adding a preview pane:

Click the Settings gear (upper right corner), select Settings on the drop-down menu, and click on the Labs tab. Type preview in the search box, then Enable the Preview Pane that comes up. This will give you a button on your inbox that allows for either a vertical or horizontal Preview Pane. Once you have enabled it, click on an email to see how you want to configure your view.

Summer PD for ALL Teachers

Win-Win Discipline is mandatory for all teachers this summer (July 30-Aug 3). SWHS has a specified date scheduled on August 2nd, but if there is a conflict with that date, please register for another day that week with another school.

Follow these steps to register for any district PD offerings:

  • Go to the District website www.pulaski.net
  • Click on the Calendar Tab, then select Professional Development Calendar
  • Change the month and date to the date of the training (For summer Win Win Discipline through Kagan, change to August 2nd)
  • Click on the title of the training and then follow the instructions to register

If you register for any other professional development the district offers and are unable to attend for some reason, please be sure to cancel your registration. Some offerings have a limited number of seats available, so please be considerate of those who might be waiting to attend.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.