Jaguar Journal

Week of 12.2.19

Week of 12/2/19:

Monday, December 2nd:

Tuesday, December 3rd:

  • Monthly PTA Meeting in MPR from 8-9

  • 5th/K PLC

  • SLT after dismissal in Exley’s room

  • Chatham County Schools District Science Fair at 6:00 at JM

Wednesday, December 4th:

  • Progress reports go home today!

  • 4th/1st PLC

Thursday, December 5th:

  • 3rd/2nd PLC

  • Picture Retake Day in the MPR

  • 12 days of Holiday Cheer BEGINS! : )

Friday, December 6th:

Saturday, December 7th:

  • Reindeer Run!!! Come out and cheer our NCE time on if you can!

Coming Soon:

Week of December 8th:

  • AAPPL testing in Dual Language grades 3rd - 5th only

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    • JANUARY 14th - SLT


  • MOY Benchmarking: Hard to believe MOY testing is around the corner.

    • IStation benchmarking window is the whole month of January (1/6/20 - 1/31/20)

      • Please add to your PLC agendas a time to talk about a plan for IStation benchmarking and if support is needed.

      • Spanish and English must be completed for MOY

    • STAR math needs to be completed by February 1st by grades 1 -5

    • iReady MOY diagnostic window is January 14 - January 31

      • MOY must be done by Kindergarten classes only.

      • It is optional for grades 1-5 but your students’ personalized pathway will not change and adjust if you do not do the MOY diagnostic

  • Peer Observations : These are due before we leave for Winter Break. Please make plans to make these happen asap if you haven't already. Let Carla/Eddie know if you need help.

  • Upcoming Observations: (see the information given at the beginning of the year) Certified staff on abbreviated cycle- your 20 minutes snapshot observation is unannounced. We will begin these soon as we have many to do.

  • Reindeer Run: There is a team from NCE (students and staff) that will be participating in the Reindeer Run Saturday. Please take pictures and tweet out #CelebrateNCE.

  • Save the Date: Mark your calendars for December 20th at 12:45! Our PTA will be treating us to a wonderful lunch as we begin the holiday season! More details about the luncheon coming soon!

  • #CelebrateNCE - There are so many great things happening daily at NCE...Students engaged in learning, staff members supporting each other, the list could go on and on. Have you tweeted and used #CelebrateNCE lately?

  • Lockdown - We will have an unannounced Lockdown Drill prior to Winter Break. Please prepare your students for this important practice drill.

  • ASIS Visit - We will have an ASIS visit prior to Winter Break. Super proud of all the hard work happening daily in our classrooms!

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Helpful Technology Info:

  • Learning Goals when on Technology: The DLT and several PLCs have been discussing how to implement the Engagement component from the Triple E more effectively when we use technology--specifically how to keep students engaged on the learning goals rather than the games and incentives. We are continuously looking for ways to increase our rigor on technology so would love your continued input about what we are doing in our rooms!

    • Some websites such as Prodigy, Cool Math Games, and Sumdog, are a few programs that were determined to NOT be a good use of our instructional time. It was decided they should be primarily used for rewards, indoor recess, or “Fun Fridays” only.

    • There are some school/district based programs that have really good ways of engaging students with learning goals but still have some distracting incentive features like games and buying items for characters. It was decided these incentive features should be shut off. Please see below for directions:

How to turn off IReady games:

  • You can find this info and images to look at on page 18 of this document.

  • To manage Learning Games settings for individual students:

1. Navigate to Rosters.

2. Select the + icon for your student to expand the drawer. The + icon will change to a - icon when expanded.

3. Select Edit Settings.

4. Use the toggle to turn Learning Games on or off.

5. Select Save.

How to turn off RAZ Incentives:

  • Sign into Raz-Kids.

  • Click on Manage Class.

  • Click on Roster.

  • Beside each student's name, there is a green button in the middle of the screen. (The Incentives column)

  • Double click to slide the button off.

  • This will turn off the Raz-Rocket section.

Duties for the Week of 12/2/19:

AM Duties:

Early Bus/Cafe/Lobby: Trejio, K. Horton

Main Lobby/Hallway : Loftus

Intersection/MPR Lobby: Ross

4th/5th Hallway: Maul

Buses: Trygar

Cars: Murray, Brooks, Parrish, Avila, DePietro, Rowland

PM Duty:

Bus Ramp: Trygar, Bland, Crankshaw

Late Bus: Trygar, Avila, Brooks, Parrish, K. Horton

Cars: Eiden, Brennan, Negroni, Landis, Exley, Sistrunk, Sportelli, Stohoviak, Sanzone-TL, Loftus-TL