The Problems and Culture of its People By: Caleb Miller


Desertification is when a relatively dry land becomes arid. This region loses its bodies of water, vegetation, and wildlife. It is caused by factors like climate change and human activities. Happening in Coastal Africa, south of the Sahara Desert.


Overpopulation is a problem where the number of people compared to the relevant resources, like water and essential nutrients necessary to survival. It results from an increase in births, a decline in mortality rates, or an increase of immigration. Happening in to the sub-Saharan population.


A system of racial segregation in South Africa, enforced by the governing party of the time. The national party started enforcing policies of racial segregation.


Genocide is a killing of a large group of people, of a particular ethnic group. It happened in Rwanda. Started by the death of the Rwandan president.

Civil Wars

There are 15 countries in Africa that are in a civil war or just finished one. These civil wars are caused by failed political institutions, high level of poverty, and dependance on national resources. The civil wars are happening all over Africa.


HIV/AIDs, Ebola, and Malaria are a few of the diseases in common in Africa. Over 70% of South Africans with HIV/AIDs also have tuberculosis. malnutrition is one of the main causes of these diseases.


How a lack of education relates to the problems listed above?

If you are educated you can become a doctor and help people fight disease and other problems. Plus if you are educated then you can teach people what is good and bad, and help your country.

Rites of Passage

A rite of passage Is a ceremony that marks an important start to someone's life. Most African tribes go through a naming ceremony which is the first rite of passage. The Harmar tribe has a rite of passage called the cow jumping.
Cattle jumping initiation - Tribe - BBC


Swahili is a Bantu language used widely in South Africa. Some of the countries who speak this language include Kenya, Somalia, and Zambia.


Polygamy is where a man has multiple wives. It occurs in Kenya, South Africa, and Sudan. Many places in Africa do it, but those are the places that accept it.


Bantu is the major language in Africa, there is about 650 different forms of Bantu. Most commonly spoken in Central Africa and Southern Africa.