The Poetry Project

A collaborative project of poetry using student creations.

The debut of our poems is coming soon..... Are you ready?

The students of Mrs. Diamond's Reading/Language Arts class collaboratively worked together to create original poetry and illustrations. Contributing poets wrote on various topics and helped one another with the writing process, illustrating; giving feedback, suggestions, and encouragement.

The Poetry Project was on a voluntary basis. Students were told about the project and worked on their own time- outside of in-class instruction time. All poems and illustrations were given a deadline of March 20, 2013.

Students will now begin the process of putting their collected work together to publish! We cannot wait to share what we did!

The Poetry Project Debute

Thursday, Apr 4th, 2pm

This is an online event.

We know you are as excited as we are. To enhance your viewing pleasure, we are asking you be a part of this exciting experience. We will be using VoiceThread to make our online project. This will allow us to share our writing and will allow you to leave feedback, like "Great job, Jill!"

VoiceThread is free and is accessible using a desktop computer and/or mobile device like an iPad. Check it out!