Piaget or Psychology


Q & A from Jean William Fritz Piaget

When and where did this psychologist work?

I began my work in the 1920's, starting in Paris and then returning to Switzerland to achieve other stuff. From 1955 I created and directed the International Center for Genetic Epistemology in Geneva until 1980. Where's my wife?! Oh. Ok.

What did they focus on?

I focused on developmental psychology. I worked with children to test their intelligence and the hidden side in their minds I interviewed children with a series of standardized questions and then asked them a series of nonstandard questions depending on their answers from the standardized questions. I figured that most of the children's final answers were only related to what was socially acceptable. Ha! Good ol' memories.

What school of thought did they ascribe to?
I went to University of Neuchatel in Switzerlan-
What? Oh you didn't mean school? Oh school of thought! Okay, okay. I ascribed to behavioral perspectives by measuring behavior of the children. Cognitive, by looking closely and studying the mental process thought of young children. There ya go! Got the right answer that is actually relevant aye?
Ha, with all the knowledge I know, I still get mixed up with all the doobies.

What was your contribution to psychology?
My contribution to psychology included the four phases which states:

  1. the sociological model of development,
  2. the biological model of intellectual development,
  3. the elaboration of the logical model of intellectual development,
  4. the study of figurative thought.

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