Union Weekly Staff Update

Week of October 24, 2016

A Note from Jen

Have a wonderful break everyone! Here is the newsletter for when we return well-rested in 10 days!

This Week's Events

Monday, 10/24-

  • Fire Safety Week- see schedule

Tuesday, 10/25-

  • 8:00, Staff Meeting, Green Lab
  • Fire Safety Week- see schedule
  • 9:30, Erin and Jen at ESC Meeting
  • 4:00, Interviews for Developmental Preschool
  • 4:00, District Discussion

Wednesday, 10/26-

  • Fire Safety Week- see schedule
  • Deed Day speaker from Zion Nature Center. 9:10-10:00 2nd Grade; 10:05-10:55 Kindy; 2:20-3:10 4th Grade in cafeteria
  • Jen out in AM at INALI
  • Star Student Lunches
  • 3:45, Wellness Pumpkin Fitness Activity

Thursday, 10/27-

  • Deed Day speaker from Zion Nature Center. 9:10-10:00 1st Grade; 10:05-10:55 3rd Grade in cafeteria
  • 8:00, Staffing in Conference Room- Duhn, J.Smith, Raycroft, Lockhart, Van Curen
  • 3:45, School Safety Meeting
  • Fitness Gram during Wellness (1-4)

Friday, 10/28-
  • Wear Pink Student Council Spirit Day
  • PTO Student Grants due
  • Fitness Gram during Wellness (1-4)
  • Family Friday- CANCELLED. This week is busy enough! Rescheduled for November 4th. This will be the ONLY Family Friday in November.

Looking Ahead...

Monday, 10/31-

  • Kindy to Dulls Tree Farm
  • Fitness Gram during Wellness (1-4)
  • No costumes

Tuesday, 11/1
  • 8:00, HA and RTI PLCs
  • 9:30, Elementary Admin Meeting- Jen and Erin
  • 4:00, New Teacher District Meeting
  • 7:00, Dads Club Meeting

Wednesday, 11/2
  • Courtney Flessner at Union for PD- More details after break
  • 8:00, Fourth Grade Dads Club Breakfast
  • Star Student Lunches- Kindy Only

Thursday, 11/3

  • 8:00, ACR in conference room 1- Kurtz, Andrus, Lockhart, Swenson, Wetzel

Friday, 11/4

  • Family Friday Lunches
  • PTO Movie Night

Fitness Gram

Witham Health Services will begin Fitness Gram screenings during Wellness at Union Elementary on October 27, 28 and 31 for all first through fourth grade students. This will be during your normally scheduled Wellness time on Thursday, Friday or Monday. The only person who does not have Wellness at least once on one of these days is Laken. Laken, your class will go to an extra Wellness class on Monday, 10/31 at 1:40 with Shelley's class to do the testing.

FitnessGram is a comprehensive fitness assessment for our youth. It includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests designed to assess cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. FitnessGram was developed by The Cooper Institute in conjunction with the NFL Play60 Program on Exercise. All testing will be provided by a group of skilled clinicians from Witham Health Services. We will participate in this assessment along with the other elementary schools in ZCS and across Boone County. Witham will then follow up to provide parents with a detailed report.

On the Monday we return from break, all first through fourth grade students will receive a parental consent form. This only needs to be returned if you DO NOT want your child to participate.

Upcoming Convocations

Our Student Council is hard a work preparing for upcoming school events!

On November 11th, we will be honoring our Veterans with an all school convocation in the gym at 9:30. We should be done by 10:15/10:30.

On November 18th, we will be welcoming several special guests, including Congresswoman Susan Brooks and Zionsville Mayor Tim Haak, for a celebration of our National Blue Ribbon award. The time frame and location are the same (9:30-10:15). The theme is "Union's Path to Excellence." Look for more information about ways to be involved after break.

JAT Thank Yous

As we did last year, the district JAT Committee has requested that students create thank you cards for the many sponsors who supported this year's Jog A Thon. These were a hit with donors last year! If there is no information next to a sponsor for a specific item/service, then they were a district t-shirt sponsor. For these, we can just thank them generally for their support of Jog A Thon and our schools. You are welcome to talk with your grade level team to divide them up as you would like. I think the goal is that each sponsor has a few student made thank you cards. Please put them in the JAT box by the mailboxes by November 1st. Thank you for helping our students show appreciation to those who support our school.

All Grades

Mrs. Fyffe, JAT Chairperson


Mobi Wireless

New Balance Carmel


Ron Schulte State Farm (Union grandparent)

Sky Zone Fishers (sponsorship and passes/Union parent)

First Grade

Klezmer Maudlin (Union parent)

Witham Health

Culligan Water (water donation)

Second Grade

Taft Stettinius & Hollister (Union parent)

Body Outfitters

Square Donuts

Third Grade

Zionsville Family Chiropractic

Hot Box Pizza (pizza donation)

Judy Orthodontics (sponsorship and water bottles)

Fourth Grade

Hoosier Heights (donated passes for drawing)

Joe Beck (DJ)

Mrs. Burgin (making all of the medals)