Leslie j. Holland

in a few sentences , explain why do you think the auther wrote this book.

i think the auther wrote this book to tell history and why everybody is treated fairly today. Everybody is treated fairly today beacuse the segregation is over.

why didn't mlk use non violence strategies

he didn't use violonce because He didn't want anybody to get killed or hurt. He didn't use violence because somebody could get hurt.
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what happen to them if they standed up for their believes

they got sprayed by the fire hoses and got beaten to death and got taken to jail. They didn't stop fighting because they wanted segregation to stop.

why did mlk do the i have a dream speech

mlk did the 'i have a dream speech' because black people care about the speech, well because black people wanted the segregation to stop. Black people hated the segregation because white people didn't treat black people right and black people wanted that to stop right that instinct.
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