An exciting adventure!

The adrenaline junkies attack again! Are you ready?

Brief details

Watersports are ours passion!
We are adrenaline junkies!
Feel the adrenaline running through our veins us to be free!
We like to take risk and help others overcome their own fears.
We've spent years helping people like you to overcome obtacles.
As a specialist we have created a special program that will make you get the tiger in you.
Do not think more and follow us!

Ineffable operation. Are you ready!

Sunday, June 5th, 10am-10pm

Playa Pilar, Cuba

Overcomes awe with daredevils of the caribbean sea!


Scuba diving with the white shark Looking for the ultimate shark experience?

You have come to the right place! Are you ready?
Would you like find out your limits? Prove the experience!
If you are an adrenaline junkie, this activity will attract you.

Putting in the adventure! Diving cage near the greater white shark. You have never seen while they attack you.
Succumb to the most daredevil adventure and scurrying with us!

We offer you the hardest thirty minutes you have never lived.
We offer you a complete package. Breakfast with a short briefing.
Shipping to the Arrecife, diving equipation, meal, and return home.

We will record the experience for never forget. All of that for an adjust price of thirty euros.
Isn't enough? You also feed sharks at the same time they try to destroy the cage.

Set the bar when you want! We only need adrenaline junkies!!
Feel the experience of your own! Go beyond! Do scuba diving with us.
Take the plunge! Putting you live on the line.
Go for it!!


Is it the sense of freedom?
Is it Delve into the depths of the sea bottom?
Is it to see something never seen?
It is more than that! It is the opportunity you were waiting for!

In the package "A marine world at your feet" you will experience an unique and ineffable experience. Suitable for all family members can swim.

You will see almost sixty five reafs varieties of coral, fan coral , fire coral, staghorn coral and brain coral just to mention a few.

And not only that! It is the perfect time to see sea turtles mate. And that's not all! Dolphins, rays, lion fish and many exotic animals await you!

See with your own eyes as several jellyfish rest on me without hurting me!

You will discover thousands of species of fish, sea urchins, starfish and shells.

And to close with a flourish! Most shocking of all your life! A photo with the nurse shark! A nocturnal species that inhabits the coral arrecifres!

What are you waiting for!? Registration is now open! It certainly is an experience you want to have!

Be brave and feel the power of the sea!


If you are into extreme sports and danger does not put you off, Freediving is your next fascinating step!

Freediving has a millennial origin and it consists to stop breathing while you are going over large distances or while you are descending large depths under the sea.

You don’t need neither a complicated equipment nor being fit because Freediving is related to mental relaxation and challenging yourself. All you need is a tied rope from the boat to the anchor and a swimsuit.

You have to choose depending on your previous experience:

Option A: If it is the first time you go Freediving, you are allowed to go down between 10 and 20 metres. You can decide it, everything will depend on how daredevil you are and how you feel when you are going down. If you feel sure, carry on! If you don’t, give it up and go up to the surface because we are going to revise you since the boat.

Anyway, while going down, open your eyes and enjoy maritime life!

Option B: If you have gone Freediving before, you decide how down you want to go down! In this case, we recommend you close your eyes and focus on your mental relaxation.

If you are ready, you can overcome a new feat! Are we counting on you?


Now it’s possible to spend a very funny day and with a lot of adventure, with the company that you want, in our idyllic beach and coves. Everything for a little money.

If you are looking for new activities to do in a day at the beach, our equip propose an intense hour of waterskiing o wakeboard.

This activity gives you the feeling of freedom and speed while you slip with skis below you leaving a huge trail of foam is amazing, and really hard to describe if you have not never tried it.

All the material: from a motor boat, life jackets, skis to class monitor are included, in order you don’t worry about anything, just enjoying the experience.

If you have never done this activity before, the monitor explains you all the necessary for skiing, with the only objective that you learn to sky and you win the confidence, security and you improve your technique.

If you want a new different experience, instead of using traditional ski to scroll over the water, now you can slide with a table of the wake, with it you could make a lot of twists and tricks with a short time of practice.

You must just try it and if you fall retry it. It’s a great experience to overcome your fears!! Try it!!!

You dare??

Ineffable operation under the sea is the opportunity you've been waiting to experience a whirling sensation.

We are the perfect combination to show a new world in the depths of an island paradise!
We are the best team underwater, fast, brave, fierce, intense and fun!

If you join our fascinating adventure, you will have a surprise and also we give a picture lionfish greatest thing in the world! And also it'll take to boat a small island where you can observe the mating of loggerhead turtles!

Put on your fins and let's swim your story has just begun!

Bajo el mar-Inglés con letras en español-Under the sea with lyrics in Spanish