You're the Parent: Take Control

5 Steps to Diffuse the Most Stressful Parenting Situations

You're not perfect, you're a parent

It's 2 a.m., you haven't slept in days and you're convinced someone switched your sweet, loving child for a screaming vicious minion while you weren't looking. As parents we probably have all shared similar experiences. As comical as this scenario may seem, often it's no laughing matter. As a mother of four and former child protective investigator, I know a split-second decision can often be the difference between taking control or losing control, and regretting it for a lifetime. Join me for my webinar where I will address some of the most stressful situations parents encounter and 5 easy ways to make sure you always maintain your cool and you're control.

You're the Parent: Take Control Webinar (by Christina Carde)

Friday, March 14th, 9pm

This is an online event.

This event will be held on Google Hangouts

Timeline of Events

  • 8:30 PM - Kids asleep (or at least pretending to be)
  • 8:45 PM - Get comfortable and get online
  • 9 PM - Webinar begins. Time to take control.
  • 9:15 PM - That's it we're done! Be sure to leave feedback.
  • 9:20 PM - Take some time for you. You deserve it!