RILINK Schools LibGuides Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2021

Summer Maintenance

Please review the maintenance items on the Winter Newsletter on the RILINK website at

The attached file contains a list of sites currently "managed" by RILINK Staff that will be deleted if not "claimed" by a librarian currently working in the district by September 1. The links are clickable so Private or Published guides may be view in that way. Unpublished guides will have to be viewed while logged into RILINK Schools.

Please contact Sharon at if you have any questions.

Is the Search Box not working on your LibGuides Site?

Do you want your students to search your LibGuides site using the Search Box just under your banner? Does your site consist of more than one guide linked to the home guide? Then make sure all of your Guides have a status of Published. Otherwise, they are not searchable.

"Built-in" Google Search Boxes

LibGuides provides four Google Search options under that Content Type. Options include Web, Book, Scholar, and Patent and include the option to set a default query. Learn more about this Content Type on Springshare Help.

PL Sessions for LibGuides & LibWizard

Sessions for both platforms will be provided on statewide PD days, during Zoomulias, and by request during the 2021-22 school year. The session on using Tutorials/Assessments tool for asynchronous learning originally scheduled for May 17 will be rescheduled in the fall.

Announced in April RILINK Newsletter

Looking for additional online resources for yourself, students, teachers, administrators and parents? Visit Dr. Joyce Valenza's website at Permission to copy the LibGuides has been given and are already available in RILINK