The Wickless Sparklers

Tell Me A Little About You

I want to know about you!

To better serve you as your sponsor, please help me by answering the following 10 questions and shoot this email back to me at

  1. What drew you to starting your own Scentsy business? What is your Why?
  2. What support are you looking for from me as your upline leader?
  3. I am available to chat with you weekly and help get you started in your business. Ideally, we would talk every other week for the first 6 weeks. Are you interested? And what are 2-3 times that would be best for you and I will let you know which one I can accommodate. If you would rather chat by Facebook messenger, we can completely do that as well.
  4. Do you have any previous direct sales experience? If so, with what company? How was that experience for you?
  5. How can I best motivate you to reach your goals? Incentives, contests, words of encouragement, gifts or all of the above!
  6. Tell me about your family.
  7. What does a “typical” week look like in your life?
  8. What is your best time of day? I am an early bird.
  9. How many hours per week do you have to devote to your business? How many events is that?
  10. When is your birthday?

Now Here is a Little about me

My name is Jill McCarthy,and I am Social Media Strategist and Compliance Director full time. I am a 30 something business woman with a passion for inspiring people to believe in themselves to build their own business. I have a good eye for opportunities and I can see the potential in a great idea very quickly. So many women and business owners have a dream but they lack the confidence to believe and know how amazing they really are. My style in my coaching and training is not only focusing on the actual company systems but really diving into self improvement, growth and yanking a person’s strengths out of them so they can see for themselves their worth and the reason they were put on this earth. The most amazing days for me are when someone I am coaching sends me a Facebook message and tells me how much their life has changed. They had their “AH-HA” moment.

Each place you look online and find “Jilleysue”, you’ll see it is pretty easy to get a clear indication of my personality. I love all things girly! Pink, heels, glitter, heck anything that sparkles has Jilleysue written all over it. I love to shop, read, go to the gym, spend time drinking coffee, tea, wine or having sushi with girlfriends. I absolutely love my animals. Check out my social media sites and meet my Great Dane, Stromboli, my dachshunds, Kalie and Ziti and my cat, Cannoli. I love fitness and being healthy and I love the outdoors and being near the ocean. I am a die hard football fan, originally from NewEngland…so you guess the team! :)


I have been involved with direct sales and personal development for the past 15 years and just love what it brings to peoples’ lives. I love to share the dream, but before all that its still family, friends and my furry kids that ARE the most important and what I do everything for. They are truly my life. This is one of the biggest reasons, I was attracted to Scentsy. It is all about the story.

I found a company that fit my personality and I have loved every minute of it when I joined Scentsy. Direct Sales allows me to coach, teach, mentor, train and lead. I absolutely love incorporating all that with an amazing product and company such as Scentsy!

I want to personally welcome you and let you know we are here for you every step. Dream Big because you are going to be amazing!!