#2ROYAL4U: Roman Fashions

Reporters: Ava Ballard, VanAnh Nguyen, and Anika Shah

Our New Spring Toga Collection... in 2015 BC...

Our new 2015 BC spring collection of togas includes a variety of colors and designs for all occasions. All of our togas are unique and each distinctive type marks a Roman's societal status or title. Some of our "top picks" are shown below:

Men: You Have Your Own "Style of the Month" Too!

To all the Roman men out there: are you wishing for a soul mate? Dress like Augustus Caesar by purchasing our newest male fashion- Glittering Muscle Armor 2.0! This set includes your very own helmet, shield, breastplate, arm guards, and more. Not only that, the whole set is brushed in your choice of pink, gold, or silver glitter, so that your appearance is more majestic!