Words that describe me







risk taker




things that i like to do

1. I like to go outside and be active

2. I like to hang out with my friends and family

3. I like to play sports


one of my influences is my dad because he helps me with a lot of things, he's smart, and he's really nice

Favorite movie

My favorite movies are Wreck it Ralph and Big hero 6. I don't have a favorite book because i don't like to read.

Places i've been that have had an impact on me

My church mission trip it impacted me because it showed me what a lot of homeless people have to go through and i got to help the homeless shelter people sort clothes and other items in different boxes.

What i love and what i hate

I love God, candy, being outside, hanging with friends, animals, watching TV, watching movies, swimming, going to amusement parks, riding roller coasters, going to water parks, Christmas, my birthday, and any holiday.

I hate vegetables, watermelons, peaches, being bored, mean people, Satan, being sick, being lied to, and seafood.

Conflicts I faced that made me who i am

A conflict that i faced that made me who i am was when my parents got in a divorce it put a big impact on my life.

Relationships with family and friends

My relationships with my family and friends are good i am always doing something with my friends and family and i talk to them about a lot of different things.

Things that i hide

I don't hide anything unless i am planning a surprise party for someone or playing hide and seek.

Things that bring me pain

I feel pain when i fall down really hard and break a bone

Things that i fear

I am not scared of anything

Things that make me happy

Things that make me happy are animals, my friends, my family, my church, seeing my dad, nice people, happy TV shows or movies, Christmas, my birthday, parties, Easter, Thanksgiving, summer, when everyone around me is happy, the weekend, and any holiday.

Things that make me laugh

Things that make me laugh are funny people, sponge bob, funny movies, funny jokes, when people do stupid but funny things, and when i get tickled.