Digital Citizenship

Being the Best Digital Citizen You Can Be!

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship means working online within the norms of appropriate technology use. This means using safe sites, protecting your information, standing up to cyber-bullying, and respecting themselves and others.

What Are Safe Choices on the Internet?

  • Know the difference between online friends and in-person friends
  • Don't share personal information over the web
  • Create strong passwords
  • Choose good websites to visit
  • Recognize unsafe sites

What is Cyberbullying and How Do We Prevent It?

Cyberbullying is bullying that occurs through electronic technology.Some examples are when someone sends mean text messages or posts mean messages through social media websites.

Students and Parents alike can put a stop to it.

Students should...

  • Report any bullying they see
  • Use the THINK Model before any communication

Parents should...
  • Establish rules about technology use
  • Be aware of what their kids are doing online and monitor their use
  • Understand school rules and policies

What is Digital Literacy?

Having Digital Literacy means having the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information. It also reflects the ability to critically think and analyze the sources used and recognize media influences. To become digitally literate generally reflects understanding and use of new technology.