Twilight Saga.

Stephenie Meyers

By: Quinci Minter

WHO is Stephenie Meyrs?

Stephenie born in Connecticut in 1973. Her family was settled in Phoenix by the time she was four. The unusual spelling of her name came from her father, Stephen ( + ie). she went to high school in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is very known for her many talents and awards. One award she received was a National Merit Scholarship which she used to pay her way through Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah. Where she blossomed in English and became a very well known writer.

Summary of Book

This heroic novel takes in a small town named Forks when a young girl named Bella decided it was time to live with her dad in Forks. Bella Swan moved to Forks because she saw her mother unhappy when Phill her step Father was traveling a lot. Bella is so thoughtful and loyal. At times she can be clumsy and stubborn. Little did she know once she started high school that she would ever meet a vampire family. Surprisingly she was fine with what Edward was. It didn't take long before they fell in love. All it was bella to get into trouble and almost losing her life. Now edward can't lose her side. He is very protective of her. Especially, when new visitors came to town. I'm not talking about tourists. Im talking about vampires, mean vampires. They live on human blood while the Cullen family rely on animal blood. They dont want to be bad. Anyways, Bella's and Edwards first date was a little baseball in an open field. Then the unexpected thing happened...........

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Twilight Book Review

Final Reflection

Q:1) What was the best part of this novel? Focus on a particular chapter, scene, or interaction between the characters. Explain completely.

A: The best part is this adventurous novel has to be the part where bella meets the vampire family. As scary as it sounds, it went pretty well. No one went crazy for her blood thank God. Bella being bella was very nervous. Not in the way you think though. She was more afraid of their approval! She was afraid they wouldn't like her not the fact that they are vampires. Odd. Yes, but bella. When Bella and Edward got there Bella wasn't expecting Italian food. Her being generous, she has eaten before she left charlies because she knew that they didn't eat human food. Rosalie Edwards sister overreacted by chattering the salad bowl and basically lashed out on Bella. Not lash out as in kill her but she did scream at her. SHe overacted the way she did because she trying to protect her family. Bella calmly stated that she would NEVER tell their secret. Its was a very crazy day for Bella.

Q;Also, in your opinion, why did the author to write this particular book? What was this big lesson to be learned?

A: I think Stephenie Myers wrote this patricular novel to show that sometimes love has a big price to pay. Something gets in the way. Whether that is a person or in this case James. ( read to find out who that is......) In a way Edward being a vampire complicates things. HE could accidentally kill her without a doubt. Its called tough love.