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Approved: M. Glover January 15, 2016

Happy New Year!

We started the New Year off right -- we made resolutions. The children weren't really sure what that meant so we read a book - Squirrel's New Year's Resolution -- that explained a resolution as a promise to do something good for yourself or someone else. We shared our ideas with our turn-and-talk buddies and in no time the students were ready to write about their choices. We also talked about ways people celeRbrate New Year's Eve in other countries. Did you know that some people break their dishes in celebration? One other important conversation occurred when we returned - what the children got for Christmas! They were excited to share and I learned about some interesting new toys for kids. As we removed the December calendar, we took notice that the first day of winter occurred when we were out for the winter holidays. Learning about winter was our next adventure. The change in the weather helped them realize the cold temperatures and what happens with plants, animals and us as well. We read books about the seasons taking special note of the changes in winter. One book, When Winter Comes, helped us identify the different ways animals handle the changes in winter. We learned some new words - adapt, migrate, hibernate - and were able to apply them to the animals in this book. We are doing a Jan Brett author study right now too and her book, The Mitten, was an excellent place to practice our knowledge. Each child and a buddy were given a non-fiction book to use for "picture" research on an animal from The Mitten. They had to determine what their animal ate, where it lived and hopefully what it does in winter. They did an excellent job and were able to report back to the class on each animal. The children were proud to know that they could identify how each animal would spend the winter season. You might want to visit Jan Brett's website -- - and let your child play games, print off coloring sheets or learn to draw some of her interesting characters. We spent the end of the week learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and all he did to change our world. The children are happy that we can be friends with everyone now and no one gets treated unfairly. In math we've been focusing on numerals above 10 and counting sets above 10. We've also started working on word problems for addition and subtraction.

What's Happening Next Week?

We'll be tackling a hard science topic next week -- The Sun and How It Affects Us. We are planning on researching quite a bit and then doing a couple of experiments that will require some designing and engineering. We'll continue our Jan Brett author study. Math will focus on number bonds, addition and subtraction.

Important Dates

January 18 - MLK Day - NO SCHOOL

January 25 -- 100 Days in School

February 5 -- Super Bowl of Math Day


RL.K.2 RL.K.9; RF.K.1a-d; RF.K.2.a and d; RFK.3a-c; W.K.3; W.K.7; W.K.8; SLK.2; SLK.5; SLK.6; LK1.a; LK.2a-d; KCC.1; KCC.2; KCC.4; KCC.5; KCC.6; K.OA.1, 2 and 3.