Pros and Cons

Jackson, Jordan, Rachel, Stephen

Pros of kids in sports (Ages 6-10)

During this time of a childs life, it is important for them to have interaction with other people outside of school. According to, kids are spending too much time inside and sports are slowly desolving from their lives. Even though playing sports competitively isn't the first step to a childs athletic career, starting recreationally is a good start for a child in this age range.


Playing sports at this age is a dual edged sword. By allowing your child to play sports competitively is a gamble. For example, if a child experiences a life or temporary situation in which they are stressed (due to sports), they might be hesitant about attempting that sport or action again. There is a chance the child might be stressed later from the event.

Pros of trophies


The kid feels like they accomplished something


Kids feel like they can slack