Performance Hydration

Juliet Top

Goals of Performance Hydration

  • Delay fatigue and maintain mental sharpness
  • Advance ability to to regulate body heat, especially in hot weather conditions
  • Satisfy thirst and prevent weight loss from sweat
  • Able to recover from training and competition faster
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Hydration Strategies

  • Begin exercise well-hydrated since most athletes find it challenging to match fluid intake to sweat loss while exercising
  • Prevent under or overconsumption of fluids while training longer than 30-60 minutes
  • If training is intense or involves intervals, consume carbohydrate in the form of sports drinks or snacks
  • For events lasting longer than an hour (tournaments, multiple games on the same day), enhance hydration by selecting snacks and meals that contain salt or sodium.
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  • Monitor urine color status
  • Experiment during training to identify the volume of fluid to drink that feels comfortable and allows you to perform at your best.
  • Consult a sports dietitian to develop a personalized hydration schedule to meet your fluid needs.