Principal's Corner #35

May 3. 3019

Given some recent information, I am going to ask all of us to attend a brief stand-up meeting starting promptly at 7:35 am. Please plan to arrive at school a little earlier than normal and you may adjust your schedule accordingly the remainder of the week. The purpose of this meeting is to share a literacy update and review our district values.

Please help make sure your teammates have received this information.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend.


2020 Standards

Please take a minute to read over the memo I received from Mike Giles regarding Colorado Academic Standards for the 2019-20 School year. In addition to this memo, here is a link to the standards to use as you plan for the 2019-20 School year.

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End of Year Checkout: Please watch for an email containing the end of year checkout list. I will also put hard copies in your box before the end of next week.

Class List Reminders

Step 3: Initial Draft Reviews

Admin and Interventionist* will review class lists on May 8rd at 11:30-12:20

Admin and Mental Health* will review class lists on May 7th at 11:00-12:00

*Bring student watch list with you.

Step 4: Admin review

Admin will review lists, parent letters, and assign classroom teachers. This information will remain confidential until Tuesday, August 6th, when Class Assignments will be emailed home at the end of the day to our families.

Step 5: Honoring final requests

Admin will meet with grade level teams on Thursday, May 16th during your teams planning period to ensure children are placed in the most optimal learning environment.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Check out the great professional learning opportunities taking place this summer. The link to our Summer EdVentures website can be accessed from this email.

Our new registration link, PD Pro can also be accessed from our tile in myEmployee.


Printing Inventory

On Monday, May 13th, the district will be at COT to conduct a detailed inventory of all printing devices, including Xerox devices, desktop printers, fax machines and any other miscellaneous printers (wide format, 3D, etc.). This process will require a walk-through of every room. They are doing this at every school. The walk-through will be conducted by a small team from Lewan and a representative from Fiscal Services.

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Other Important Dates

  • May 8: Retirement Recognition Dinner
  • May 9: 1st Grade Program 6:30
  • May 10: Katie and Ashley out ALL DAY
  • May 13: The Day the Kids Ran the School
  • May 14: Katie and Ashley out in the AM
  • May 14: School Accountability Meeting 6:00, STEM Room
  • May 17: FIELD DAY
  • May 20th @ 2:35 DI "Parade"
  • May 21: Katie out in the AM
  • May 22: Katie out in the AM
  • May 22: Kindergarten Graduation 1:00
  • May 23: 5th Grade Continuation 8:30
  • May 24: Last Day of School, 11:00 Dismissal