Hostess with the Mostest!

Information and Tips for a Successful Event

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Thank You!

First and foremost, thank you for your willingness to open up your home so we can spread the light! LimeLight! I am so excited to continue spreading the word about these amazing products and this company.

Let's share the BEST in beauty!

  • Incredible chemical-free skincare
  • Celebrity-loved professional quality makeup
  • Top makeup artists' favorite since 1952

"We are not a direct selling brand that decided to go into beauty. We are 60 years of tried and true beauty expertise that is now bringing everything we know and love into women's homes. There is a difference." ~ Michele Gay, CEO and co-Founder of LimeLight (LimeLight is 100% family-owned and operated.)

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Check out our Spring Catalog - Hot of the Presses!

Our Spring catalog was just published and it is a beaut! Check it out by clicking here! I will include a link to the catalog in the invite as well so your guests can get a sneak peek at what it is they are coming to see and try!

Let's Get Planning!

Who to Invite? How Big? How Small?

  • This is really up to you. If you keep it a manageable size (4-8), we can set a table for everyone to have a 'place' and they can try the products.
  • If you want a larger group (10-25), I can set up a more general display for people to see the products and I can talk about them. They can then do a more self-guided tour of the products. I can schedule one on one meetings with friends who would like a full makeup tutorial.
  • If you want 8 people to attend, I would invite 12-15. If you want the larger group, assume 40% of those you invite, will likely be able to attend.


  • We have an arrangement with Red Stamp so just send me your invite list, your contact details and I can get that rolling!

Day of Event - What to Expect???

  • I will arrive early, preferably an hour early. If you would like me to do your makeup prior to everyone's arrival, I would need to arrive earlier. This can be a great technique so you can show off your 'glow' to your guests and it frees you up more during the event. If time is an issue, not a worry. If you have selected a sit-down style party, you can just make yourself up with your guests!
  • Typical parties last about two hours.
  • I will bring everything that's needed for the display (including tablecloth). If you elect to offer food/drink to your guests, I would just ask that it is located away from the table where we are working. It will get a tad crowded at the table once I get all the products on it and customer places set up.

Sharing LimeLight Beyond the Party

  • As RSVPs come in, those that cannot attend can still order. I will include website information and a link to order that you can share with friends. In fact, we can keep your party open for up to 14 days so orders will process immediately, but if you want to continue to collect sales, we can leave it open for outside orders if you feel there is opportunity for that. You can also offer up one-on-one appointments to those that cannot make your event. I can schedule those directly with the individuals that have interest. Again, anything they purchase can credit to your party if we keep your party open a bit.


  • Just let me know! LimeLight is BRAND new to this area and I am one of less than 30 ladies selling it in the state of Georgia! We are blazing a trail here! The products are wonderful, and the price point makes them accessible! Your friends will wonder what this is as they likely haven't heard of it. That makes it all the more fun! Encourage folks to check out my website to learn more!

Michelle Bray, Independent Beauty Guide

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions. Get that invite list together and we'll get this ball rolling!
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