World History


A group in India called Aryans moved south across the Hindu Kush Mountains into northern India. They arrived arrived around 2,000 B.C. but historians don't know much about their culture. They lived in tribal groups with warriors traditions. They came into contact with the Indus Valley Civilization and later on Dravidians (Indus Valley Descendents). 1500 B.C. - 1000 B.C. gradually moved east to Ganges and later south to Deccan Plateau

Writing, Religion, Language, Technology

Aryans used symbols for writing but no one has been able to translate it yet because they had no written language. They used a Indo-European language Sanskrit to write. This made them able to write legends and religious chants/rituals. Aryans got the introduction of iron from Southwest Asia. They used plows and learn irrigation.

Government & Who They Fought With

The Aryans were governed by various leaders known as "Rajas" (Princes) they had carved out smalls states. These kingdoms fought at war against each other often and alliances constantly shifted and they would attack each others fortresses and take their treasure. But in fourth centuray B.C. did they establish a large Indian state